Deployment tent

Rescue tents by Pro-Tent: the mobile deployment station in crisis situations

The Pro Tent deployment tent serves as a mobile deployment station in crisis situations and for rescue services. It helps reduce the burden on emergency departments, cater to rescue services, and accommodate mobile border control personnel. It can provide additional space as a pre-triage tent, as a folding tent for fever outpatient admission, and as a drive-through test station. Thanks to its rapid assembly, emergency workers with a Pro Tent deployment tent save valuable time in the early stages of their deployment.

Purposes of rescue tents


  • Eased burden on emergency departments
  • Mobile fever outpatient admission
  • Drive-through test stations


  • For setting up mobile border control stations
  • Discreet treatment of accident victims
  • Crew tent at major events


  • Briefing tent for military deployments


  • First aid tent for injuries after a fire
  • Operations management base

Perfect for the requirements in emergencies

  • Very fast shipping time: we also ship large orders within 24 hours of order receipt.
  • Pro Tent is the sole provider of a system that can be partitioned internally. Our internal cabins can be configured in a range of custom sizes. For example, they can be used for separate treatment, briefing, and storage rooms.
  • Roofs and sidewalls are weatherproof: they protect victims and helpers against sun and rain and keep dirt, dust, and fumes outside.
  • Sidewalls as concealing screens can better protect patients’ privacy rights and safeguard discretion in emergencies. Thanks to our slot and piping connections, the sidewalls exhibit no gaps and are therefore 100% opaque to prying eyes. Rubbernecks are cut off from the view within, and helpers can treat patients with full concentration and without distractions.
  • All fabrics comply with the flame retardance requirements of building material class B1 and are therefore ideal for use in emergency situations.
  • Extensive range of accessories: the Pro Tent tent frame presents anchor points to which accessories such as LED spotlights and heaters can be fitted easily and reliably.
    Our ground system for convenience and safety: we can provide nonslip, antiskid ground plates for folding tents in continuous duty.

An overview of our rescue tents

FAQ: frequently asked questions regarding rescue tents

We deliver your unprinted rescue tent within 24 hours of order confirmation. This also applies to orders for large quantities. Custom prints extend the delivery time accordingly. We’ll be pleased to advise you over the phone with respect to our exact delivery times.

To speed up response in times of crisis, we offer government authorities and public institutions the option of buying folding tents on account. The procedure is fast and quite simple: purchases on account need only a written purchase order sent by email, mail, or fax. 

As a rule, Pro Tent ships to all of the world’s countries. EU nations are handled by Pro Tent GmbH, all other countries by Pro Tent AG. Shipping times and costs may vary from country to country.

Our team will be pleased to assemble and secure professionally your emergency tents.

High material quality and professional workmanship are essential if tents are to maintain their reliable operation and long service life even after frequent assembly and disassembly. Above all emergency tents that are relocated on a daily basis must exhibit a high quality. Cheap folding tents and models from the local DIY cost less in their acquisition, but will fail to meet the high requirements. 

Our most popular rapid deployment tent

Our customers put their faith in the 6 × 3 m Pro Tent MODUL 4000 for their deployment tents. Fitted with back walls and sidewalls, room dividers and weights, it offers ideal conditions for this purpose. So why not put your faith in our most popular tent and accessory combination too

Pro-Tent MODUL 4000

Tent size

6 × 3 m


  • Back wall
  • Sidewalls
  • Cabins/room dividers
  • Weight plate (15 kg)
  • Water weight (50 L)


  • Roof panel

Corona tents and indoor solutions for your company

Whether it's a rapid test tent, vaccination tent or outsourced goods receiving and distribution - complying with hygiene rules and interacting safely in the pandemic are the first priority. Pro-Tent's corona folding tents are the ideal solution for hygiene concepts and pandemic response.

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