Exhibition and trade fair tents

Pro‑Tent exhibition tents - for a powerful impact

Pro‑Tent folding exhibition tents provide a professional platform for both indoor and outdoor trade fairs and exhibitions. Thanks to their individual design and high-quality prints, Pro‑Tent exhibition tents will lend a positive image to your brands and business. The mobile exhibition space is complemented by an extensive range of accessories and coordinated to your individual needs.

Exhibition tents that attract customers’ attention

Our transportable exhibition and trade fair tents enable you to attract the attention of potential customers and offer them an ideal opportunity to make contact with your firm or product in pleasant surroundings. Thanks to its extensive surface area, your exhibition tent is at the same time the most important publicity space in your visual communication. Individual, full-area prints for example, with your company logo, a word logo or an appropriate photograph, ensure optimum publicity value. Our experienced and motivated team will be pleased to support you in developing the ideal staging for your needs.

The right size for your exhibition tent

When you book a place at a trade event, every single square metre costs money. Which is why the dimensions of your folding tent are of great importance. You can either make your selection from our wide range of standard sizes or you can ask us about our made-to-measure custom sizes. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can implement your wishes together, whether you are looking for a small pavilion or an exhibition tent for a major event. 

MODUL4000: The right choice for a flexible exhibition stand

A large proportion of our trade fair customers choose our Pro‑Tent MODUL 4000 professional folding tent system. No other system offers you so much versatility and flexibility. Individual tent sizes can be configured and constructed quickly and easily and adapted to fit the available stand space. Several small folding tents are frequently combined, rather than using one large folding frame. This enables a choice of different arrangements using the same equipment. Thanks to its great form flexibility, the Module 4000 is also a cost-efficient solution for customers who attend indoor and outdoor exhibitions. And with the patented slot system, the same folding frame can be equipped with either fabric or solid inserts. This feature is unique in this form.

Complies with the highest safety standards

Stringent safety regulations usually apply in enclosed spaces. For this reason, fire safety forms an important aspect in the development stage of our folding tents. Our fabrics are of low flammability according to class B1. Moreover, with the MODUL 4000, the fabric roof can be replaced by printable screen elements that open upwards and therefore comply with trade exhibition organisers’ fire protection regulations. 

The perfect equipment for your exhibition tent

When your trade fair stand is equipped in a manner that is appropriate to the event, you will leave a good impression with potential customers along with a sense of having benefited from your professional advice. It is for this reason that Pro‑Tent offers you a wide selection of accessories to choose from. Whatever your question or problem, we have already devised the solution. A custom-printed flag will enhance your pavilion’s visibility from afar. Interior cabins give you and your potential customers a degree of privacy, despite the large number of exhibition visitors. Our lighting systems shine the right light on your stand even in dark exhibition halls. And our three functional counter solutions give a touch of individuality to your exhibition tent.

Exhibition stand systems from Pro‑Tent

Successful exhibition performance is also guaranteed by the light, mobile, modular exhibition stand systems from Pro‑Tent. Thanks to their individual design and range of sizes, our exhibition stands are suitable for all stand spaces between 6 and 36 square metres. The personal print design gives an extra touch of creativity to your exhibition stand. 

Exhibition & trade fair tent highlights

Exhibition & trade fair tent printing service

Customised high-quality prints for exhibition & trade fair tents created in Pro‑Tent's own print shop are an effective advertising medium for brands and companies. Large format, photo-realistic prints are also possible.

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Modular system

The modular system enables several exhibition & trade fair tents to be freely combined. The individual tents can be connected to form a larger tent complex, or even an impressive tent landscape..

Comprehensive range of exhibition and trade fair accessories

From an integrated flag system up to the exhibition and trade fair counter, Pro‑Tent offers the right made-to-measure exhibition and trade fair equipment for a successful appearance.

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» Folding tent references

For every field

Each and every day, our workshops turn out folding tents, but not a single one resembles the other. Every customer is different, and therefore every Pro‑Tent product, which differs in size, fittings, and design. Seeking ideas for your new folding tent? Then browse through our references for your own ideas.

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What our customers are saying

My experience has been highly encouraging, with a quick response and a solution at all times. Replacement parts are, of course, available almost immediately. This is usually not the case in this field. Systems not only designed, but also a must for professional use. At all events, I’m staying with this brand.

Hans-Gerhard Andruschek – party accessories hire

That’s how I like to buy tents! Top products, and even better advice. No matter what the problem, the best solution is generally found. I don’t believe there’s anything that cannot be done. A really excellent provider I have the pleasure to work with, even after many years.

Aglaja Ehlers, PIE five Marketing Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH

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