Indoor event tent

Practical, individual, secure: Pro‑Tent folding tents - also ideal in indoor applications

Customers wishing to use folding tents at indoor trade fairs etc. not only have to comply with safety regulations required by law but also with those of the event organiser. As all Pro‑Tent folding tent series comply with applicable fire regulations, they are, without exception, suitable for indoor use. At the same time, our event tents also serve as a prominent and attractive eye catcher. Thanks to the use of high-quality, certified materials and the availability of the flexible equipment options, the Pro‑Tent MODUL4000 in particular is an excellent choice for trade fair exhibitors. The inclusion of cabins on the inside of the tent is a unique option that is only possible with a Pro‑Tent system.

Flame-retardant materials pursuant to DIN 4102

Fire regulations at trade fairs and other indoor events are concerned, among other things, with the fabric components of folding tents: pursuant to DIN 4102, they must fulfil the requirement of flame-retardant materials of building material class B1. Pro‑Tent side panels and fabric roofs are made exclusively of B1-certified folding tent material as standard, at no extra charge. 

Water-permeable roof or open stand variation

Technical regulations must also be complied with indoors. So as not to impair the operation of fire sprinklers, maximum values apply to roof fabrics. If these are not adhered to, then parts of the event stand must remain open at the top. Pro‑Tent products offer a choice of two different solutions, depending on requirements. The first is to replace the standard waterproof outdoor roof fabric with a so-called mesh roof, which is water-permeable and designed for use with sprinklers. Or the folding tent is converted into a traditional exhibition stand with an overhead display. The second alternative is, however, only available with Pro‑Tent MODUL 4000.

The best of two worlds: MODUL 4000

For customers who attend both outdoor events and indoor trade fairs, the Pro‑Tent MODUL 4000 is the perfect choice. The basic structure of the series is designed for use both as a regular folding tent and as a system exhibition stand and therefore features the advantages of both systems. The patented profile with slot system accepts folding tent wall panels with piping seams as well as fixed wall panels of the kind typically used in exhibition stands. This makes it a simple process to integrate internal cabins, cloakrooms, storerooms or sales spaces. The patented and therefore unique folding tent system is rounded off by a wide range of brochure containers, shelves and slatted walls with product holders. 

Well-designed lighting system

So that you are not reliant on the ambient conditions present at large exhibitions and festival halls, it is important to be able to install your own lighting at indoor events. The well-conceived lighting system for Pro‑Tent MODUL4000 features, among other things, cable ducts for concealing unsightly wiring, developed especially for use with this system. With this folding tent solution, customers retain full flexibility in their choice of applications and options.

Indoor highlights

Set up in record time

A comfortable transport bag with large rollers makes the path from the vehicle to the site particularly easy. The set-up itself is carried out in record time: Open the zip fastener of the transport bag, remove the bag, unfold the tent, adjust the height – done! Finally, the accessory elements are fitted – from the side wall to the shelf or lighting system.

Printing service

Individually designed and printed, an event tent becomes an effective advertising medium. Even large format, photo-realistic prints can be realised in superb print quality in Pro‑Tent's own print shop.

Unique equipment options

Inside cabins, end strips, shelves – Pro‑Tent MODUL 4000 series folding tents offer unique equipment options – for tailor-made, functional indoor use at exhibitions, trade fairs and events.