Service connects.

Swiss Gymnastics Federation

Pro‑Tent is connected with the Swiss Gymnastics Federation (SGF) through a long-standing partnership. Pro‑Tent folding tent systems support the SGF at events and competitions with a prestigious, weather-resistant event platform. If required, tents equipped with inside cabins are used here as a mobile dressing station. For information on the current events of our SGF partner, see our News section.


Following their partnership for many years, Pro‑Tent also feels connected to the Migros cooperative, the largest retailer in Switzerland. Pro‑Tent folding tents are the functional outdoor stage for BBQ promotions in the Migros markets, and support many sports and cultural events sponsored by Migros as an exclusive folding tent solution. Look out when you make your next supermarket shopping trip at the weekend or when you visit a Migros sponsorship event – you will have the best chance of seeing a Pro‑Tent folding tent in action.