Folding tents for motor sport

Professional folding tents create separate areas and rooms. They can also be used in different ways in motor sports: as a racing pavilion in the start or finish area, as a team tent in the VIP area or as a racing tent at control and supply points. As quick as a flash and with simple hand movements, an additional changing room, a temporary workshop or a catering area for auxiliary staff can be created. The best thing about it: folding tents from Pro-Tent are perfectly suited for outdoor use due to the materials used and their construction. Weight plates and the matching bracing set provide even more safety.


Space for teams and crew

A Pro Tent folding tent not only provides additional space for a large crew, but also safeguards their privacy. Three closed sidewalls and one sidewall with zipper door quickly provide a room cut off from curious eyes for changing, talks, and catering in competition breaks. Customers opting for the Pro Tent MODUL 4000 or the Pro-Tent 5000 can also benefit from the wide, diverse range of premium equipment options, e.g. folding tent locks or internal cabins. Bearing a printed corporate design over all surfaces, a team room can underscore a professional appearance and promote team spirit.

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