Bar counter for folding tents

  • A folding tent with bar counter.
  • A close-up of the Pro-Tent bar counter.
  • The locking system of the bar counter.

The Pro-Tent bar counter quickly turns your folding tent into a mobile refreshment or sales stand. The counter is easy to use for dispensing drinks and food directly next to the folding pavilion, for example at trade fairs or club parties and on markets

The counter of oiled natural wood is secured directly in place in the folding tent’s patented omega profile for a particularly stable construction. You can purchase this as an optional accessory element when opting for a Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 or a Pro-Tent 5000

Size and scope of delivery

The counter is available in six sizes from 1 m to 4,5 m. Depending on its size, it consists of either two or three parts and comprises the following components:

  • counter plates with couplings for half-height sidewall and poles,
  • pole with rotating threaded foot (2x per counter plate),
  • two connectors with fixing bolt and knurled screw for attaching bar counter to a Pro-Tent folding tent (Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 or Pro-Tent 5000),
  • a carrier bag


  • Pro-Tent MODUL 4000: 1 / 1,5 / 2 / 3 / 4,5 m
  • Pro-Tent 5000: 1,5 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 4,5 m

Package dimensions of carrier bag:

  • 1 m: 110 x 43 x 18 cm
  • 1,5 m / 2 m / 3 m / 4.5 m: 158 x 43 x 18 cm
  • 4 m: 207 x 43 x 18 cm

Maintenance instructions

The wood is oiled. This allows it to retain its active breathing properties and can even under certain circumstances enable soaked moisture to be released again. You should occasionally treat the wood with a standard retail wood oil.

Assembly of the bar counter on video

You only need a few steps to assemble the bar counter. Insert all poles into the couplings on the wooden cover plates and lightly tighten the wing screws. Now insert the half-height sidewall into the piping slot. The modules can then be secured in place with the locking mechanism located below Afterwards, insert the connectors with the fixing bolt in the outer profiles of the folding tent, and align the counter. Finally, adjust the threaded feet under the poles to align the bar counter to its ideal position. Watch the assembly in detail in our video.

Available for the following model

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