Connecting clamp outdoor (u-shaped)

Connects and stabilises two folding tents

The U-shaped connector, which works with eccentric turnbuckles, usually connects accessories such as a flag system with a folding tent in a force-fitting manner.

Available for the following model

Matching supplements to these accessories

Pro-Tent flag system

Flag system

Visible from a distance: A pluggable and prominent flag system with a rotating boom.

A photo of the 12.5 kg weight plate from Pro-Tent.

Piastre di peso (12.5 kg)

Sicurezza a piccolo spazio: grazie al sistema modulare delle nostre piastre di peso puoi impilare fino a 6 piaste (75 kg)

Pro-Tent folding tent with fitted canopy in a meadow

Sun-stop extension with top frame

Ideal for market tents: the sun-stop extension with top frame extends sales stands and provides a covered area for customers.

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