Cross-connectors/end strips

For half-height walls and solid fillings

Our aluminium lateral connectors achieve two important functions with our MODUL 4000 and the Pro-Tent 5000: for half-height sidewalls and solid panels, they serve both as end strips ensuring a clean and tidy top finish and as a means of sealing off the sidewalls on the floor. Side panels such as solid panels are inserted into the end strips, which ensures a clean transition.

Installing additional lateral connectors and end strips also increases the frame-wide stability for the long term.

Eccentric tension lock

Additional supports for half-height side walls

For half-height side walls with a length of 3 or 4.5 m, we recommend headboards with additional supports. The lateral connectors with supports prevent the half-height side walls from sagging – e.g. when visitors lean on them at trade fairs or events. Thanks to the height-adjustable feet of the support, users can even out small bumps in the terrain.

Safer by leveraging patented technology

The words "in no time at all" apply almost literally: A 180-degree turn suffices for installation. We supply you with the necessary tool in the package – the Torx key.

Available for the following model

Matching supplements to these accessories

Room divider/Interior cabin

Cabins/room dividers

Unique and patented: Optional legs and corresponding cross-connectors create cabins in the folding tent.

A waterproof side wall attached to a Pro-Tent folding pavilion.


ll our side walls are 100% waterproof and fully printable.

Fixed wall panels

Fixed wall panels

Separators made of either Forex, Acrylic or Dibond. Available in printed and unprinted forms.

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