Fixed wall panels

Stable walls for your folding tent

In addition to the fabric side walls, so-called solid fillings are also available for your MODUL 4000 as side walls or partition elements within your folding tent. Like the fabric walls, they are drawn into the profile groove via adapter strips. This technology is also used to create our optional cabins inside the folding tent. Choose between fillings from the following materials:

  • Forex
  • Acryl
  • Dibond

Solid fillings can be supplied printed or unprinted, depending on the material.

Eccentric tension lock

A video showing the structure

You only need a few steps to assemble fixed fillings. First press the adapter strips into the groove of the lower poles and align the lower cross-connector. Then slightly bend the solid filling to insert it into the grooves of the side walls and the cross-connector. Finally, mount the top bar. Watch the assembly in detail in our video.

Available for the following model

Matching supplements to these accessories

A waterproof side wall attached to a Pro-Tent folding pavilion.


ll our side walls are 100% waterproof and fully printable.

Cross-connectors/end strips

Cross-connectors/end strips

They serve as a basis for half-height side walls, cabins and fixed panels.

Curtain system

Curtain system

Practical: our curtain with click glides. The curtain rail is attached to our cross connector.

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