LED floodlights

Tent lighting for your folding tent

Bring light into darkness – with our tent lighting. Our LED floodlight spotlights (50 W) in white provide optimal lighting conditions or appealing lighting effects in your folding tent. Let us convince you of the many advantages:

  • Low power consumption thanks to the use of energy-saving LED lamps
  • Suitable for outdoor use thanks to protection class IP 65
  • Daylight white (6000 Kelvin)
  • Optimum illumination thanks to swivelling mounting bracket
  • Assemble the unit quickly and simply, using the Multiadapter/Velcro fastener


Velcro fastener

LED lamp on video

The floodlights can be connected individually or in pairs as required. All of which reduces the mess of cables. The five metre long cable is concealed out of sight in the cable guide.

Note: the video shows how to mount the floodlight using a multiadapter with pin on the MODUL 4000. On the 5000 model, the LED floodlight is attached the same way, on the 2000 model, however, the floodlight is attached using a multiadapter with Velcro fastener.

Available for the following model

Matching supplements to these accessories

A multi-adapter with pin attached to the profile of the folding tent frame.

Multiadapter with pin

The multiadapter simplifies the task of attaching a range of equipment elements.

A close-up of the Velcro fastener for Pro-Tent folding tents.

Multiadapter with Velcro fastener for light & radiant heating

The multiadapter simplifies the task of attaching a range of equipment elements.

A cable attached to the folding tent frame of a folding pavilion using the cable retaining profile.

Cable guide

Our plastic cable guide makes power cables disappear inconspicuously.

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