Mobile counters

Three mobile counters for your folding tent

We perfect your presence with a range of functional counter solutions. High quality in workmanship and designed for mobile use, they also offer you storage space and can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.

Orchid counter

Our fully printable orchid counter is one of three counter solutions presented in an attractive, mobile design. The version, which includes an interior storage area, offers an additional useful storage solution.

  • Delivery includes carrier bag
  • Optional accessories: shelf
  • Measurements (assembled): 152 x 103 x 70 cm (W x H x D)

Compact counter

Our compact counter is also available with an optional bar top. It offers storage space and is fully printable in your corporate design.

  • Optional accessories: carrier bag,
  • shelf, bar top
  • Measurements (assembled): 97.5 x 104 x 62 cm (W x H x D)

Desk module

The collapsible counter desk module with aluminium frame is particularly practical and compact. Its lockable castors and mobile and padded carrying bag makes it ideal for applications requiring flexibility.

  • Dimensions: 141 x 105 x 74 cm (W x H x D)

Assembly of the Orchid counters on video

To construct your orchid counter, all you need are a few handles and the supplied Torx key. See for yourself on video how simple the construction really is.

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Matching supplements to these accessories

Pro-Tent flag system

Flag system

Visible from a distance: A pluggable and prominent flag system with a rotating boom.

Tray table design

Tray table design

Quickly mounted, our modern-style storage table offers an ideal surface for flyers or other information material.

A Pro-Tent catalogue presented on a brochure rack, which is attached to the folding tent.

Brochure holder

Pivots, modern and assembled in no time: Our brochure rack holds up to 2 kg of additional information material.

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