Water weight (50 Liter)

To tie down the folding tent

  • Water weight (50 l)
  • Close-up of the twist lock of the water weights.
  • A close-up of the handles of the water weight.

This water weight (50 l) is an additional option for anchoring an aluminium folding tent outdoors. It is used as an alternative to a professional anchoring set. The water weight can be used for increased safety against strong winds – or if the use of pegs is not necessary, or forbidden.

The Pro-Tent water weight is cylindrical in shape, and is made of PVC. It is 40 cm in both diameter and height. It has a capacity of approx. 50 l. Two quick links enable the water weight to be filled with water – and emptied – quickly and easily. The weight can easily be lifted and carried using two side handles.

Attachment to the tent is done with the set of anchorings included in the delivery.
Optionally, and for even easier handling, a matching quick guy set is available - see illustration.

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A photo of the 12.5 kg weight plate from Pro-Tent.

Weight plate (12.5 kg)

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Sand weight (10 kg)

Sand weight (10 kg)

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A man steps onto Pro-Tent floor panels laid under a folding tent.

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