Hexagonal weight plate (12.5 kg)

The modular, space-saving weight plate ensuring extra safety

  • A photo of the 12.5 kg weight plate from Pro-Tent.
  • Six weight plates from Pro-Tent stacked up will secure a single folding tent foot.
  • Close-up view of the well-designed handle on the weight plate (12.5 kg) from Pro-Tent.

The modular 12.5 kg hexagonal weight plate is the perfect choice if you are looking to secure your folding tent with plenty of weight. The larger the dimensions of your folding tent or the worse the general weather conditions are, the more important it is for the tent to be securely in place.

Even if it is impossible to brace your folding tent, it is essential you have sufficient ballast to secure it in place. This weight plate can be stacked with ease up to six layers tall, giving you up to 75 kg of ballast on a single folding tent foot. As an example, an 8 x 4 m folding tent with six feet can be secured with weight plates up to 450 kg.

The special design with ease of handling allow you to stack the individual weight plates quickly and easily. The moderate weight of 12.5 kg per weight plate also means less strain on your back when assembling and dismantling.

Only the first weight plate requires a button handle to securely connect the folding tent pole feet to the lowest weight plate.

This compact weight plate is located in its entirety inside the folding tent, which is a great advantage in tight spaces or strictly demarcated standing areas.  With a length of 35 cm and a width of 21 cm, the weight plates are compactly built and thus take up minimal space. The weight merely increases in terms of height when stacking up to 75 kg, ensuring you do not waste any precious space. Another pleasing side effect is the fact that the weight plates take up little storage space when not in use.

Three recessed rubber feet on the bottom of the weight plate prevent any accidental slipping, whilst also protecting the galvanized surface from getting scratched.

  • Close-up view of a button handle integrated into a weight plate.
  • A weight plate (12.5 kg) fixes a folding tent foot in place inside.
  • Six weight plates take up little space inside the tent when stacked.
  • Rubber feet on the bottom of the weight plate ensure extra safety.

This concept is unique and is yet another one of Pro-Tent’s innovations to ensure extra safety. There is no need for a carrier bag thanks to the compact design with ease of handling. The weight plate is supplied in a box. The button handle is not included with delivery as not all weight plates will require a button handle, depending on their intended use. We are of course on hand to assist with any queries you have on securing your Pro-Tent folding tent in an efficient way.

Safety notice: Our water weights will also help if it is impossible to brace your folding tent.

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