Canopy set for sales stand (3 m)

An optional canopy in no time at all

Many of our customers use their folding tent as a market tent or catering tent. The canopy set gives you additional covered space over a length of 3 metres and a depth of 60 cm. For example, you can use the space under your folding tent to store your goods and still keep your customers out of the rain when the weather isn't good.

The well conceived construction means the canopy is always tightly stretched and with a print, it even fits seamlessly into your folding tent design.

As with the optional side walls, the fabric used is tear-resistant polyester with a one-sided PU coating. The canopy is flame-resistant (fire protection class DIN/B1/ISO), UV-stabilised, waterproof and dimensionally stable under wet conditions.

Available for the following model

Pro‑Tent MODUL 4000

Pro‑Tent 3000

Pro‑Tent 2000

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