Curtain system

With smooth-running click glides

In an emergency it's important to be able to work undisturbed. Therefore, descrition is essential for emergency tents (firefighters, paramedics, triage). Our customers also appreciate it for trade fair tents or sales tents. Our practical door curtain with click glides takes care of this. It creates a visually separate area within your folding tent, which can be easily pulled up and down if required. In this way, people can receive medical care in peace or advertising material can be stowed away sensibly. Our curtain can also function as the door to a changing room.

A video showing the structure

The curtain rail of the system is attached to a cross-connector, whereupon the curtain gliders are clicked into the profile of the curtain rail from below. They run particularly smoothly.

Available for the following model


MODUL 4000



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