Floor panels

Slip-proof floor for your Pro-Tent folding pavilion

A man stepping on Pro-Tent floor panels laid under a folding tent.

The ideal floor for your Pro-Tent folding tent: Our sturdy PE floor panels are quick and easy to lay out and adapt flexibly to the ground underneath. Whether on lawn, sand, gravel or earth - the floor panels  work everywhere and also protect the surface below (permeable to light, air and water).

The surface is slip-proof and extremely durable. The square panels (1000 x 1000 x 22 mm) can be assembled as desired using a clamp system. If desired, wedges can be installed as edge trims for better access and to eliminate tripping hazards. The plastic floor is a German product and is made from 100% recycled PE.

Available for the following model




MODUL 4000



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