Interior roof lining for folding tents

Ensures a discreet appearance

To enjoy an even more discreet appearance, the aluminium frame of your Pro-Tent 5000Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 or Pro Tent 2000 can be hidden away quickly and easily underneath the interior roof lining for folding tents.

The interior roof lining is available upon request in all standard colours and fits all folding tent sizes. The roof lining can also be printed on without any trouble either. Alternatively, the interior roof lining can also be fitted with white netting fabric. This allows any heat to escape upwards whilst also maintaining a discreet appearance. The roof lining has a reinforced seam with eyelets and can be attached quickly and easily to the folding frame using rubber straps*.

*The rubber straps are included in the delivery.

Available for the following model




MODUL 4000



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