High quality sidewalls

A choice of side panels for your folding tent

Suitable for all folding tent models, Pro Tent side walls come in a range of different designs. All side panels are made of tear-resistant polyester fabric with PU coating on one side. They are tear-resistant, flame-retardant (fire protection class DIN/B1/ISO), UV-stabilised and dimensionally stable under wet conditions. Since the seams are additionally welded, the side panels are 100% waterproof.

Our stand sidewalls include:

  • Standard
  • Half-height
  • Panorama
  • With zip fastener on the door
  • Door curtain

Special designs we’ll be pleased to realize for you in our own sewing shop. Side panels from Pro Tent come in 14 standard colours as well as individual printing. All fabric walls basically come complete with a premium carry case.




With zip fastener on the door

Door curtain

Available for the following model: Pro‑Tent MODUL 4000 & Pro-Tent 5000


Securing the sidewalls: Piping or Velcro fastener?

Our sidewalls are secured in the classical manner with Velcro fasteners or, Pro-Tent-like, by means of a piping fitted in the profile’s slot.



Velcro fastener

Slot and piping

Pro-Tent 2000


Pro-Tent MODUL 4000


Pro-Tent 5000


Pro-Tent 2000

The sidewalls of our Pro-Tent 2000 system are secured to the supporting legs in the classic folding tent style with Velcro fasteners.

Velcro fastener

Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 und Pro-Tent 5000

Gone with the wind? Not with the Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 and 5000. With these two systems the sidewalls have a piping which is drawn directly into the system slots of the profile. A zipper* facilitates manual insertion. The sidewalls close absolutely non-transparent and windproof. Alternatively, the sidewalls of the Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 and 5000 can also be supplied with Velcro straps on request.

*not suitable for opening the sidewalls (see assembly video)

Velcro fastener


Standard colours for your folding tent

Choose the colour you want for your tent roof and your sidewalls from the 16 offered as standard – immediate delivery ex stocks. Best conditions for a custom presence. Pantone specifications are approximate values only. We will be happy to send you binding samples of fabric colours. Other colours available on request.


Pantone 4685 C

Sun yellow
Pantone 116 C

Pantone 021 C

Pantone 485 C

Ruby red
Pantone 201 C

Pantone 215 C

Light blue
Pantone 2905 C

Royal blue
Pantone 2728 C

Navy blue
Pantone 534 C

Night blue
Pantone 2767 C

Grass green
Pantone 368 C

Emerald green
Pantone 3435 C

Silver grey
Pantone 430 C

Pantone Cool Gray 11 C


A video showing the structure

MODUL 4000 (video) and Pro-Tent 5000

For the Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 and the Pro-Tent 5000 the sidewalls are directly included in the slots. Which is why the folding pavilion is particularly well protected against wind and moisture. The sidewalls made exceptionally straight thanks to a patented process remain flutter-free, even in the strongest of winds.

Pro-Tent 2000

On the Pro-Tent 2000, the sidewalls are secured to the poles by means of Velcro strips.

Available for the following model




MODUL 4000



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