Weight plate (10 kg)

Excellent safety for each use

A weight plate on a stand

Safety is Pro Tent's top priority. This is reflected, not only in the development and production of our folding tents, but also in the equipment we have in stock. Our 10 kg weight plates (diameter 25 cm) are recommended for brief outdoor uses as well as in conjunction with the option of securing the folding tent into place. They allow you to secure your tent properly as well as make it possible to link folding tents together with ease.

The weight plate holds a maximum of four tents placed next to each other. This interconnection involves simply pushing in the folding tent foot from the side and securing it with a button handle. Each weight plate delivered comes with a button handle. Additional button handles may be purchased whenever needed.

The round weight plates are galvanized, thus offering excellent protection against rust. They are delivered in a high quality, padded de luxe carrier bag, ensuring optimal protection and ease of transport.

Available for the following model




MODUL 4000



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