Weight plate (15 kg)

Securing the units for outdoor use

For outdoor use we offer two versions of our 15 kg weight plates. These serve to secure your tent properly. All of our weight plates are delivered in carrier bags for transport convenience.

The round weight plate of 15 kg with button handle (30 cm diameter) secures up to four adjoining folding tents at the same time and provides a convenient solution for their interconnection. This interconnection involves simply pushing in the folding tent foot from the side and securing it with a button handle. Each weight plate delivered comes with a button handle. Additional button handles may be purchased whenever needed.
The round weight plates are stackable. Hence the weight per pole can be doubled from 15 kg to 30 kg, for even greater stability or when the folding tent cannot be secured in any other manner. In this case, the two weight plates are bolted to each other through their centres.
The round weight plates are delivered in a high quality, padded de luxe carrier bag, for the optimal protection and transport convenience.

For outdoor use above all, for example in strong winds, our 15 kg weight plate is available. This can be used to secure your tent properly. A second 15-kilogram plate can be easily attached. The weight plate comes in a high-quality and padded comfort carrying bag and offers ideal protection.

Available for the following model




MODUL 4000



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