Folding tents guidebook

Good advice – from the very beginning.

In commercial use, folding pavilions should protect against moisture, rain, wind and UV radiation. The "Buying weather-resistant folding marquees: what to watch out for" guidebook helps you recognise if a supplier is right to adorn his goods with the attribute “weather-resistant”.

The answer can be expressed in one sentence: Quality has its price. This starts with the materials used. Aluminium, which is used in most brand-name folding tents, has a higher strength than steel. Even the fabrics differ substantially. In many cheap models, after a single season there can be no more talk of being “waterproof”; the tear-resistant, UV-stabilised fabrics of the Pro‑Tent folding tents seal tightly for years. In Pro‑Tent folding tents, plastic elements – such as connectors and joints that are constantly exposed to high loads in a folding design – are reinforced with glass fibre, making them extremely sturdy and very durable.

Also whether a tent has really been finished in high quality can be determined in many cases after the first outdoor season. In most cases, cheap imports do not survive the first year after repeated set-up and dismantling. Those who have experienced this appreciate the value of a real quality product. Pro‑Tent guarantees this quality with a 5-year warranty on all tent frames.



The weakness in any folding tent is the hole through which the two roof profiles are connected – the profiles can break here under extreme loads. Only Pro‑Tent provides roof profiles which are connected internally with a clip system*. If the load is too great, the clip breaks but the roof profile itself remains intact. The clip can then be replaced quite easily.
*For production reasons, not possible for Pro‑Tent 3000 4x4/6x4/8x4m

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Printing service

High-quality, photo-realistic print motifs for promotional appearances are created in our own Pro‑Tent print shop.