Quality with social responsibility

Since 2004, the BSZ Stiftung, located in Einsiedeln, has been entrusted with the manufacture of the Pro‑Tent MODUL 4000, from A to Z: Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, BSZ manufactures the individual mechanical parts and takes care of the assembly, final inspection and packaging.

But there are no craftsmen at the factory in the conventional sense of the word: The BSZ Stiftung is THE company for people with cognitive, physical and mental disabilities in the canton of Schwyz in Switzerland.

"We have formed teams who are responsible for individual production steps. Quite different skills are required for this demanding job", explains Max Gähler, head of marketing/product development at the BSZ Stiftung. Thus, in one team, the aluminium profiles are cut and rounded off, while in another team the profiles are drilled, milled, or cut. One group is responsible for oiling and assembling the folding frame, another for the functional inspection and packaging. After each operation, there is a double inspection of the workpiece by team members and the group leader.