Folding tent specials

Pro‑Tent customised solutions

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Solar power from the tent roof

A solar system that can be easily and quickly attached to the tent roof provides the power required for any event – regardless of power lines and sockets! Highly practical and a real eye-catcher! The solar system consists of two solar panels and a Solicase, which includes a storage battery, the entire engineering and the corresponding sockets and connectors. The innovative, mobile solution for charging smart phone or e-bike batteries, or for operating computer and lighting systems.

Pro‑Tent MODUL 4000 as a motor home awning

A special connection module can be used to dock the Pro‑Tent MODUL 4000 onto a mobile home as an awning in a few steps. Thus, chairs and tables in front of the mobile home when camping are perfectly protected from the rain. During a day trip, the tent is easy to detach from the mobile home and remains at the site, while conventional canopies must be elaborately furled and stowed.