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People sitting on beer benches underneath a folding pavilion.

How to calculate the size of your folding tent

Before buying a folding tent, you are faced with an important question: How big should the tent be? There are many options to choose from, e.g. from small folding tents of 1.5 x 1.5 m (2.25 m²) to larger versions of 8 x 4 m (32 m²).

A professionally tensioned folding tent being used at an event in a winter sports resort.

Securing a folding pavilion

You can only fully benefit from the special robustness of Pro-Tent folding tents if you attach your folding pavilion correctly. Correct tensioning plays just as important a role as additional securing measures with which you can ensure the required stability in windy conditions. We explain what really matters when it comes to attaching your folding…

A Pro-Tent 5000 folding tent, made from high-tech materials.

Durable folding pavilions thanks to high-tech materials

When you buy a Pro-Tent folding tent, you are buying a premium product. It is particularly important to us that you can rely on your folding pavilion for a long time and every time you use it. That is why we use particularly robust high-tech materials for producing the tent in order to ensure a high level of durability.

A folding pavilion being used by a clothing manufacturer at an outdoor trade fair.

Folding tent vs. folding pavilion: how are they really different?

If you've ever looked for a folding tent, you've probably noticed one thing: Different manufacturers use different names for the same product. Sometimes they write about folding tents, sometimes about folding pavilions. This can quickly become confusing for buyers without the appropriate background knowledge. So they ask themselves: Is there a…

A man fits the connecting joints to folding tent rods.

Folding tents made of aluminium or steel: this is how they differ

High-quality folding tents are made to be used outdoors even in difficult weather conditions. They are perfectly suited for temporary uses such as market stalls, open-air events or promotional campaigns. Accordingly, they have to be transported often and frequently assembled or disassembled.

People rowing on rowing ergometers under Pro-Tent folding tents on the forecourt of the Frankfurt Opera House.

OBU live marketing – event agency

Pro-Tent folding tents are ideal for events of all kinds. Igor Obu, former professional mountain bike rider and world record holder with his jump of 42.11 m from the Olympic ski jump in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, also knows this.

Garden pavilion

Create an exclusive eye-catcher with your garden marquee. Whether it's a hotel terrace, beer garden or private garden - with your garden pavilion you create a pleasantly shaded area that invites you to linger. Discover now!

Pop-up tent

Easy transport, set up in a few simple steps, 5-year warranty on all tent frames - Pro Tent folding tents deliver what they promise. Even in frequent use, in any weather. Learn more now!

Festival tent

Whether it's a private celebration such as a wedding, an event tent for company anniversaries or for other outdoor events: marquees from Pro-Tent will accompany you through the entire celebration season. Discover your marquee now.

Outdoor tent

Especially for outdoor and open-air events, the topic of wind resistance is particularly important. The waterproof and windproof outdoor folding tents from Pro Tent are reliable companions in every season thanks to their robust construction and useful equipment details. Learn more here!

Windproof and storm-proof folding pavilions

Strong winds put the stability of your folding tent to the test. We explain the advantages of the storm-proof Pro-Tent folding tents and what you need to pay attention to in order to be able to use your folding tent safely even in strong gusts.

A folding pavilion from Pro-Tent is used as an event tent at a large event.

Pro-Tent is an independent member of the EXPO EVENT association

PRO-TENT AG has been an independent member of the EXPO EVENT, Swiss LiveCom Association from 1 October 2021.

Waterproof folding pavilions: What you should look out for when buying one

A folding tent should offer protection from the sun, wind - and ideally also rain.

But what criteria must be met to ensure that a folding pavilion is really waterproof?

A champagne cooler and two glasses on a table in the FairwaySports folding golf tent.

FairwaySports: a Pro-Tent 5000 folding tent for golf events

The golf marketing & event agency FairwaySports is the strategic partner for corporate events, sponsoring and marketing measures in the golf sector. With over 15 years of experience, FairwaySports offers exceptional golf events.

Only together are we strong.

Sustainable since 1989

As a company, we want to make our contribution to a world that is still worth living in for future generations. We firmly believe that the quality and durability of our products are the key to true sustainability.

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