Repair and cleaning

Pro‑Tent full service package

You can also leave your folding frames or roofs and fabric walls to us for repair and cleaning – please contact us directly for this.

Tel.: +41 (0)55 260 28 12 or per e-mail info(at)pro‑


The Pro‑Tent folding tent and exhibition stand systems are high quality and durable brand products.

If nevertheless a repair case arises, in most cases you will be able to carry out the repair yourself with little effort. Our replacement part service, a service manual for each model as well as the telephone repair support are available for this purpose. For damaged fabrics, a repair kit consisting of liquid plastic and fabric in the colour of the roof/fabric wall is available.

If you need help with the repair, our staff will be happy to help. In this case, simply contact our service number (+41 55 260 28 12).

Cleaning of fabrics

The roofs and side walls of the Pro‑Tent tents can be easily cleaned in any textile laundry. This removes dust, odours and coarse dirt.

Important: The fabrics may only be washed at maximum 30 °C so that the water-repellent polyurethane coating is not damaged.

Pro‑Tent tip: Prevention is better than repair!

Do not hang any heavy weights (e.g. clothes rails) on the roof profiles. Excessive loading due to snow and water pockets can be prevented by tensioning the roofs correctly when setting up. For normal wind, use supporting leg weights; for stronger wind, also use the professional anchoring set. If it’s really stormy, fold up the tent.