Room-in-room systems

Flexible temporary rooms.

Pro‑Tent CUBE is not a modular room design in the traditional sense, but rather an innovative room-in-room solution for temporary modern room requirements: In open-plan offices or halls, as a shop-in-shop solution, or as a room solution for events and exhibitions or trade fairs.

  • Quick and simple set-up thanks to standardised system
  • Free design options due to patented multi profiles
  • 3 module sizes can be freely combined


The 2-shell principle of the patented multiprofiles allow different designs of exterior and interior façades. Solid panels of plastic, wood or metal as well as textile fabrics are available as wall elements. There is space between the outer and inner façade for insulation panels, e.g. as noise protection or even LED illumination. The same applies to the ceiling: Light and ventilation components can be integrated here in compliance with the system.

The 2-shell principle in cross section

  1. Outer frame profile
  2. Inner frame profile
  3. Skirting boards with turnbuckle
  4. Fabric wall with flat welts
  5. 3-mm wall panel
  6. 6-mm wall panel
  7. 10-mm wall panel