Application areas for pop-up tents – mobile, weather-resistant, durable

Multifunctional tent system with unlimited possibilities

The pop-up tents from Pro‑Tent ensure a perfect appearance anywhere. The robust and stable folding tents can be made very small, making them easy to transport. No force is required to pull along the practical transport bag with large rollers. Because we make the folding frame of aluminium, it is one-fifth lighter than a tent with steel rods. Having arrived at their place of use, the pavilions are set up in a few steps, stand solidly, and present a high-quality eye-catcher.

Waterproof pavilions for any purpose

When outdoors, a folding pavilion protects you and your customers, guests or visitors effectively against rain. It is one hundred percent waterproof and invites you to linger, even if the weather is less than glorious. The folding tents are also ideal as a sunscreen, because they provide shade and prevent UV radiation. With a Pro‑Tent tent, you also create your own rooms in exhibition, trade fair and festival halls and other buildings. It complies with the B1 "flame retardant" standard and may therefore also be used indoors at public events.

Promotional tent

Mobile folding tents for promotional events

You have a message – we have the right tent for it. Upon request, personalised with your corporate design, our folding pavilions round off your appearance. Your stand personnel can concentrate on the essential: to inspire the visitors or passers-by for your products!

Market tent

Waterproof and weather-resistant market tent from Pro‑Tent

Today the market place, tomorrow the church square, and the day after tomorrow the small neighbourhood market: Our professional market tents let you set up and take down your own shop every day. During the warmer seasons, you can leave it "open"; on rainy days, you can protect yourself and your goods from getting wet with the side panels of the waterproof pavilion. When it gets cold, you can provide the right "operating temperature" with a space heater.

Outdoor tent

Lots of outdoor experience is incorporated in every Pro‑Tent folding tent

Thanks to their high functionality and extensive outdoor accessories, Pro‑Tent folding pavilions are ideal for any type of event in the open. Side walls and rain gutters make your tent weather-resistant. If you customise your tent and set additional accents with our pennant system, you can be recognised from a distance.

Exhibition & trade fair tent

Striking appearance with Pro‑Tent exhibition & trade fair tents

For many of our customers, folding tents have proven as basic equipment for their exhibition appearance. Because they are set up in a matter of moments, they are also suitable for companies that are frequently on the road at trade fairs and exhibitions. With an individually designed and printed folding pavilion, marketing and sales have ideal conditions for a successful corporate image. Trade fair counters and other accessories create a communicative atmosphere.

Event tent

Mobile event tents for professional event planning

From the district festival, through the job fair, up to large corporate events: Thanks to many options and accessories, the Pro‑Tent pop-up tents are ideal for events of all kinds.

Festival tent

With Pro‑Tent festival marquees, the festival becomes an experience

A standard pavilion (3 m x 3 m) from Pro‑Tent has about 14 seats. Even 36 people can “be covered”. For this reason, they are predestined as festival tents – especially since the modular system means they can be combined, and special designs are also possible.

Pop-up tent

High-quality foldable tents for exhibitions, trade fairs and events

Easy to transport, set up in a few steps, a 5-year guarantee on all tent frames – Pro‑Tent foldaway tents keep their promise. Also in frequent use, whatever the weather. All Pro‑Tent foldaway tents are waterproof, wind-resistant and comply with the requirements for flame retardant building materials of building material class B1 – at no extra charge. Individually printed, Pro‑Tent foldaway tents are an effective advertising medium at exhibitions, trade fairs and events.

Garden pavilion

Pro‑Tent folding tents as exclusive garden pavilions

A wonderful eye-catcher for the gardening season: The robust Pro‑Tent folding pavilion provides enjoyment for decades. Spend delightful hours out of doors, in the rain or on hot afternoons.

Indoor event tent

Also in indoor use, the Pro‑Tent folding tents impress all across the board

Simple construction, individual prints, versatile accessories – Pro‑Tent folding tents have also been setting standards for indoor use at exhibitions, trade fairs and events for more than 30 years. Ideal for indoor use at exhibitions and trade fairs: The Pro‑Tent MODUL 4000 folding tent can be optionally equipped with inside cabins – a unique feature that only Pro‑Tent offers.

For professionals with an eye for detail

Companies and the self-employed, associations and organizations as well as private individuals are superbly equipped with our professional pavilions. The collapsible folding tents are flexible in their application, and are also very easy to handle by laymen. Whether set-up, equipment or safety: We have thought of everything. We offer customised designs for your special event and craft your folding pavilion to your specific needs. Just contact us!