Manufacture of folding tents

Hand-made in the best sense of the word

As one of the few suppliers with its own production facility and sewing and printing shops, we focus primarily on sustainable production. In addition, our social commitment is very important to us, which is why the BSZ Foundation in Einsiedeln is also a key member of our big Pro-Tent family. Since 2004, handicapped persons at the Foundation have been taking care of the production, assembly, final inspection, and packaging of our Pro-Tent 2000Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 and Pro-Tent 5000 systems.

Made with the BSZ Foundation

The BSZ Foundation in Einsiedeln is the third largest employer in the canton of Schwyz. It is the enterprise for persons with mental, physical, and psychological issues. Although the work does not involve qualified technicians in the conventional sense, quality still enjoys top priority and is safeguarded by means of appropriate measures.

“We have formed teams responsible for each of the production steps,” explained Max Gähler, head of marketing / product development at BSZ Foundation. ISO-9001 certified, the Foundation formed small expert groups for each stage of production. One team cuts and rounds off the aluminium profiles to length, another drills and mills. The next group oils and assembles the folding frame, the next tests its operation and packages the tent. 

Each of these stages are inspected twice by the team members and a group leader, and the extraordinary quality is maintained each and every time. What is so special about the manufacture: the BSZ Foundation is not a profit oriented enterprise. Accordingly, the staff can take their time in executing each stage of production to ideal effect. 

The cooperation with the BSZ and its clients has enriched our lives in every respect.

Beat Bär, CEO Pro-Tent AG

“I love visiting the BSZ and sharing ideas and experience with the clients,” said Beat Bär, CEO of Pro-Tent AG. “And there’s a lot of laughter as well – I can feel the passion for our product. The clients are proud of a premium product that we make from start to finish and that is sold all over the world.”

Tent walls sewn by hand

Great care and skill are also in demand in our own sewing shop. This is responsible for our tent roofs and sidewalls. Our own production facilities maximize our flexibility that ultimately benefits the customer. 

Our experienced personnel sew according to predefined patterns for the various sizes. Here you can experience live a piece of genuine craftsmanship: each of the polyester cuts are sewn by hand on modern industrial sewing machines. 
This skilled work also permits us to respond very quickly to the challenges posed by custom makes. In this respect, our sewing shop team has repeatedly managed to make the apparently impossible possible. 

We customize prints for folding tents

Also the graphic design up to photorealistic motifs come directly from Pro-Tent facilities. Our design team is responsible for the whole process of converting a folding tent into an effective advertising instrument – and lends your Pro-Tent its own look.

In doing so, we employ three printing processes: screen printing, thermal transfer printing, and sublimation printing. Whether small lettering or full face prints on roofs and sidewalls, we can offer a practical, economical solution for every requirement. The outstanding print quality makes sure that every tent withstands easily the harsh outdoor conditions. 

Folding tent production with a lot of love for craftsmanship

Each and every Pro-Tent tent is the outcome of many hands. It is made by persons who are united in their passion for a high quality product. At the same time, we attach importance to transparency. “We also offer guided tours with our business customers interested in how our products are made and the cooperation between Pro-Tent AG and the Foundation works,” said Beat Bär. So we’ll be pleased to guide you too even further behind the scenes of our production.

Pro-Tent image film: a matter of the heart

The production of high-quality folding tents is much more than just our work. It is our passion - a real affair of the heart. To share a piece of this passion, we take you to the production facilities of our Pro-Tent folding tents in our new image video.

Sustainable since 1989

As a company, we want to make our contribution to a world that is still worth living in for future generations. We firmly believe that the quality and durability of our products are the key to true sustainability.

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