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Have us create print applications for your folding tent

You can customise your folding tent with print applications. Whether you want to have your company logo appear on the fabric or photo-realistic motifs on the rear wall, for example – at our in-house print shop we can print exactly what you want on your folding pavilion. You benefit from our experienced graphics department, which ensures that everything you want is precisely prepared for the printing process. At our in-house print shop we then apply your motif in excellent colour quality. Get us to apply a print to your folding tent now!

The benefits of Pro-Tent's printing service

  • In-house print shop and graphics department
  • Three printing methods – to suit your needs
  • Customisation available: from logo to full-coverage printing
  • Various accessories that can be individually printed 
  • Weatherproof printing: rain- and UV-resistant
  • Extensive advice and individual solutions

Print applications for your folding tents by Pro-Tent

The first step involves our in-house graphics department: here we ensure that all print quality specifications are met. You then receive the layout for printing approval. As soon as you place the order, our in-house print shop comes into play. Here, prints are applied to the tents in brilliant colour quality – in close collaboration with the graphics department. Our team of specialists works efficiently and precisely. After an extensive quality control process we are able to deliver your folding tent with print application.

Sublimation printing

For graphical and photo-realistic motifs with excellent brilliance of colour. Washable and durable, therefore ideal for the printing of tent roofs and side walls.

Thermal transfer film printing

Colour-coated films are used so that even bright colours can be applied on dark substrate materials. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Screen printing

Suitable for small and large formats. The printing takes place in real colours – ideal for indoor and outdoor use, with maximum resistance to weathering.

Our standard colours for print applications on folding tents

A total of 16 standard fabric colours are available for your printed folding tent. We will be happy to send you fabric samples free of charge for the purpose of colour selection. Special colours can also be produced to match your corporate identity – subject to a minimum order quantity. Please contact us if you are interested.

Pantone 4685 C
Sun yellow
Pantone 116 C
Pantone 021 C
Pantone 485 C
Ruby red
Pantone 201 C
Pantone 2905 C
Royal blue
Pantone 2728 C
Navy blue
Pantone 534 C
Grass green
Pantone 368 C
Emerald green
Pantone 3435 C
Silver grey
Pantone 430 C
Pantone Cool Gray 11 C

Good for our seas, good for you!

in 2023, we will start converting Pro-Tent roofs and side walls to recycled polyester fabrics. The first colours will be available from April, the other colours in our portfolio will follow in the next few months.

Our new recycled fabrics are just as robust and durable as the previous ones, but certified according to the criteria of the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The GRS ensures accurate traceability of materials and sets production standards to reduce harmful impacts on people and the environment.

Discover more

Folding tents as advertising space

Print-on advertising with an impact

The surface of your folding tent offers a wide range of options for use as an attractive advertising space. So if you are considering using the tent in a professional context, be sure to think about the right print-on advertising. This will enable you to tap into the full potential offered by your folding tent. After all, Pro-Tent folding pavilions not only provide protection and shelter, they are also a chance for you to showcase your company.

Even a logo combined with your corporate colours can be an eye-catcher. Depending on how you intend to use the tent, it is possible to apply additional printed motifs on the rear and side sections, as appropriate. These areas are also ideal for sponsor logos, e.g. in sports. Photorealistic motifs can also be created, depending on the printing process used. The advertising options are numerous – all you have to do is make use of them!

Folding tents with printed motifs

These users benefit in particular

A folding tent with print application can perform a number of functions, especially in a professional context: it enhances recognition, contributes to branding – and simply looks more appealing due to its attractive design. This is why our printing service is particularly suitable for all users who wish to use their folding pavilion in a professional context – whether as a catering tent, work tent, market tent, event tent, rapid deployment tent, promotion tent or to perform any other function. After all, this is where advertising impact and appealing design really come into their own.

Printed accessories for increased visibility

Flags, sidewalls, canopies and more

We offer a wide range of accessories to enhance your folding tent with high-impact advertising elements. For example, you can increase long-range visibility by adding printed panels and flag systems. And you can enhance the folding pavilion itself exactly as you wish with fully printable counters, side and rear sections. These versatile options give you additional advertising space that is sure to make an impression.

We print on any size of folding tent

The calculation is very simple: the bigger the tent, the more space you have for advertising. Even our standard programme includes a wide range of tent sizes – and we’ll be more than happy to manufacture products individually according to your ideas so as to suit your print-on advertising. We’re sure to be able to provide an advertising tent that is just the right size to meet your requirements.

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