Individual planning

100% flexibility.

Pro-Tent exhibition stands offer the right presentation platform for every company and every product. The free combination of system modules and wall elements enables virtually unlimited design possibilities.

Additional design options are provided by specially matched multifunction, frame and extension profiles. Designs up to 6 metres in height, elegant columns, curved wall elements, display panels – Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 makes many things possible! Important from a business perspective: The modularity of the Pro-Tent system allows custom expansions and modifications at any time. The exhibition stand grows organically and, as a result, presents a secure investment that is absolutely fit for the future – because the material quality also guarantees long-lasting durability and functionality.

Use the Pro-Tent printing service to make an eye-catching and prestigious advertising medium out of your Pro-Tent exhibition stand. High-quality, long-lasting prints are created in our own Pro-Tent print shop. Large format, photo-realistic prints are also possible. 

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Swiss brand products are appreciated worldwide for good reason and enjoy an excellent reputation. With Pro‑Tent, you can rely on proven quality in every detail – with a 5-year guarantee on all Pro‑Tent tent frames.

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