Warranty conditions

We hope you enjoy your original Pro-Tent folding tent for a long time.

We grant the following warranty periods on material defects or product deficiencies subject to correct use in accordance with the operating instructions and the additional hazard warnings enclosed with our tent frames on delivery:

  • warranty on Pro-Tent brand frames: 5 years
  • warranty on our roofs and side walls: 2 years
  • warranty on accessories: 2 years

Aluminium folding tents are lightweight tents designed for short-term application and not for long-term use. The fabrics used are water-repellent and UV-stabilised, with a light fastness level of at least 7 (valid for all fabric colours).

Excluded from the warranty are, in particular, mechanical damage to the frames, cross-connectors, roofs and side walls, which occur wilfully, due to improper operation and use of force, as a result of improper securing (tensioning) of the folding tents or in contact with rough surfaces (such as walls, stones, etc.).

Please read the operating instructions and the hazards sheet enclosed with the tents carefully before using them for the first time.

In general, folding tents are always exposed to possible hazards from wind and changing weather conditions when used outdoors due to their lightweight construction. In light winds, weight plates provide additional basic stability; at the latest when stronger winds or sudden gusts are expected, professional tensioning of the complete tent (with the supplied Pro-Tent tensioning set) is essential.

We expressly draw your attention to the possible hazards of unattended tents that are built up outdoors for a longer period of time: Especially with untensioned or poorly tensioned roofs, the sometimes massive weight of accumulated rainwater or snow on the roofs can cause the tents to collapse!

The mobile transport bag is designed as a rolling unit. In case of careless driving over kerbs or steps, there is a corresponding risk of breakage due to the effect of impacts on the roller mechanism.

Valid from 1 January 2023

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