Folding tent accessories

Prepared for every situation.

Pro‑Tent offers a comprehensive range of accessories. Thus, the tent can be perfectly equipped for every area of application: Various side walls, canopy, brochure rack, rain gutter, shelves, lighting system or tent counter – the matching accessories can easily turn a Pro‑Tent folding tent into a sales booth, an exhibition & trade fair tent, a marquee, a refreshment stand, or even a tent for a product presentation, thus always promoting sales and enhancing your image.

The right equipment for each folding tent

No matter which of our three products you opt for: there is a wide range of matching accessories to choose from. Click here for an overview of the equipment available for the folding tent model of your choice.

Rendering of a folding tent with different side wall designs.

Side walls

The classic accessory: Pro-Tent offers high-quality side walls in five different designs to match all folding tent series.

The curtain system from Pro-Tent.

Curtain system

Our high-quality curtain system is the ideal solution for creating temporary room dividers or closing off a separate cabin.

Cross connectors/end strips are used for half-height side walls on a Pro-Tent folding tent.

Cross-connectors/end strips

Whether fastening half-height side walls or closing off the side walls: Our aluminium cross connectors are built to last.

A rendering of a folding tent with a room divider/interior cabin.

Interior cabin/room dividers

Use it as a changing room, a storage area or a screened off treatment room: Divide the space and create interior cabins in your folding tent.

Folding tent configurator

The innovative Pro-Tent folding tent configurator: Visualise and design your folding tent and accessories in just a few clicks.

The slatwall, a white Dibond panel with slits, stands in front of a folding tent.


The slatwall from Pro-Tent is a Dibond panel adapted for product presentation systems.

A rendering of a folding tent with several bar counters.

Bar counter

The Pro-Tent bar counter quickly transforms your folding tent into a trendy meeting place and is a reliable companion for all your activities.

A weight plate from Pro-Tent that can hold several legs.

Weight plates

Safety is Pro-Tent's top priority. That is why we offer four different types of weight plates for your folding tent.

Water weight (50 l)

Water weight (50 l)

The smart alternative to pegs: With the water weight (50 litres), you can secure your folding tent even in difficult ground conditions.

Set of anchorings

Professional tensioning set

Trust is good, proper tensioning is better: Play it safe with the professional tensioning set when you secure your folding tent.

A folding tent with the Pro-Tent flag system.

Flag system

Fly your flag with our Pro-Tent flag system! The elegant design is the ideal complement for a successful appearance at any event.

A rendering of different versions of the beach flag.

Beach flags

Simple, eye-catching, effective promotion: Get the attention you and your folding tent need with our beach flags.

A snack stand using a front panel screen on the folding tent to present the brand.

Front panel screen

Even more design space for your advertising to be seen: Customise the front panel to get your message out and get noticed!

A bicycle manufacturer using the canopy set at its promotional stand.

Canopy set

The canopy set provides additional shelter and protects your customers and goods from rain and sun.

The gutter provides rain drainage between two tents.

Roof gutter

If you want to connect multiple folding tents together, the roof gutter prevents rain from running off between the folding tents.

Connection clamp outdoor (U-shaped)

Outdoor connecting clamp (U-shaped)

Whether you need to connect folding tents or attach accessories, the U-shaped outdoor connector clamp is the reliable choice.

Connecting clamp outdoor (flat design)

Outdoor connecting clamp (flat)

The flat connecting clamp for outdoor use is used to quickly and securely connect adjacent tents.

An LED floodlight attached to the folding tent frame of a Pro-Tent folding tent.

LED floodlight

Let there be light: Optimum lighting conditions and attractive lighting effects can be achieved with the powerful LED floodlights.

An infrared radiant heater attached to the folding tent frame of a Pro-Tent folding tent.

Infrared radiant heater

Your powerful tent heater: The radiant heater with infrared short-wave technology provides cosy warmth under your folding tent.

A multi-adapter with pin attached to the profile of the folding tent frame.

Multi-adapter with pin

The multi-adapter with pin is the all-purpose tool for attaching accessories to the Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 and Pro-Tent 5000 frames.

A cable attached to the folding tent frame of a folding pavilion using the cable retaining profile.

Cable retaining profile

Put an end to cable clutter: With the Pro-Tent cable retention profile, you can make annoying cables "disappear" simply, inconspicuously and elegantly.

A close-up of the Pro-Tent barrier and guidance system.

Barrier and guidance system

Separate sections in the folding tent and direct customer flow: You can do this in just a few simple steps with the barrier and guidance system.

A Pro-Tent catalogue presented on a brochure rack, which is attached to the folding tent.

Brochure display rack

Let people see what you've got: Present flyers, brochures and catalogues attractively right up front with the swivelling brochure display stand.

Close-up of a tent frame wheel attached to the base of a folding tent.

Tent frame wheels

For added flexibility when storing, transporting and setting up your folding tent: Equipped with lockable frame wheels, your folding tent is easy to move.

Front of the compact counter from Pro-Tent.

Mobile counters

High-quality workmanship and designed for mobile use: Our functional counter solutions complete your look.

A man steps onto Pro-Tent floor panels laid under a folding tent.

Floor tiles

The ideal floor covering for your Pro-Tent folding tent: Our solid PE floor tiles provide a non-slip and tread-resistant surface.

A 10 kg sand weight weighs down a tent stand

Sand weight (10 kg)

Our sand weights (10 kg) are an easy-to-use and useful addition to secure your folding tent in windy conditions.

A close-up of the Velcro fastener for Pro-Tent folding tents.

Velcro fastener

Our Velcro fastener makes it easy to attach accessories such as LED lights or heaters to your folding tent.

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