Extremely stable folding tents for professional use

Swiss Engineering: Swiss premium quality

We, the Swiss, do not only understand the manufacture of exclusive timepieces. Products from and made in Switzerland are valued around the world and, for good reason, enjoy an excellent reputation. With Pro-Tent, you can rely on tested quality in every detail –the extremely stable folding tents excel thanks to their exceptional durability. So why not choose one of our ultra-robust products made in Switzerland!

Your stable folding pavilion at a glance

Especially stable
Wind / weatherproof
100 % waterproof
Flame retardant
Swiss premium quality
Stabilising accessories

Ultra-robust folding tents

The ultimate in sturdy folding tents: high-end materials meet Swiss engineering skill

Ingeniously simple. Simply ingenious. The entire structure of our folding tents is designed for maximum stability. To achieve this, we rely on top material quality and exquisite craftsmanship throughout the entire production process. Whether it’s the 16-edge slotted omega profile, ultra-tear-resistant roof and wall materials or the well designed articulated structure, Swiss premium quality means much more than just words to us. It is about each individual folding tent being stable, robust and durable in real world situations.

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Folding tent system

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Pro-Tent MODUL 4000

Pro-Tent 5000


Frame material




Profile design




Profile diameter





High-tech plastic

High-tech plastic

High-tech plastic


100 %

100 %

100 %

Flame retardant




system groove


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Fixed wall panels* (Forex/Acrylic)



Additional pillars*




The stability benefits of your Pro-Tent folding tent

16-fold folded omega profile

The 16-fold folded frame profile of our professional folding tents Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 and Pro-Tent 5000 provides special stability. It convinces with a special material thickness and provides additional mechanical stability. This makes the folding tent frame particularly robust.

Wind and rain proof slots

The slots also form part of the patented omega profile. Sidewalls are inserted directly into the slots for protection against wind and weather, and lateral connectors are secured in the slots with eccentric tension locks. This means Pro-Tent folding tents are exceptionally well sealed and extremely robust.

Sturdy articulated frame

The roof profiles on our folding tents impress with their maximum level of stability and optimum weight. The key to this successful balance is the ideal profile thickness combined with the perfect profile cross-section in terms of shape and size. Our robust Pro-Tent profiles are the product of this perfect symbiosis. 

Stabilising end strips & lateral connectors

Our aluminium end strips and lateral connectors not only impress with their premium look; they also ensure a neat finish from top to bottom. This helps to ensure greater stability, and the additional aluminium elements provide lasting support to the folding-tent frame, making it extra robust.

Rustproof aluminium profiles

Not every aluminium is the same. To ensure greater stability, our folding tents feature telescopic poles, roof profiles and lateral connectors made from a special alloy that is suitable for all kinds of professional applications. Your benefit: our folding tents are lightweight, scratchproof and rust-fee.

Roofs and sidewalls: waterproof, robust and tear-resistant

When manufacturing folding tent roofs and sidewalls, we use hard-wearing, waterproof polyester fabric: it is UV stabilized, dimensionally stable when wet, has a UPF of 50+, and is flame retardant (B1). As a further safeguard of its waterproof properties under constant rain, all seams are additionally fused.

Maximum security for each pillar

We have also come up with a refined solution to the issue of having as much weight as possible on each pole. The innovative 12.5 kg weight plate can be easily and compactly stacked up to 6 layers tall, thus achieving a total weight of 75 kg per pole. 

Weight plates with button handle

Safety first, especially with products intended for outdoor use. Here at Pro-Tent, you can purchase accessories that will make your folding pavilion even more stable. Only our weight plates come with a button handle. This ensures the feet stay in place in the mounting, even in strong winds.

Advantages of our profile: Stop spring and feet

The folding tent is assembled and disassembled often? So that the foot doesn’t slip during transport, it is fitted with a stop spring. The special feet also safeguard good standing stability. Their size and shape are optimized for outdoor use and offer excellent stability accompanied by optimum weight distribution.

Perfectly tensioned fabric roof thanks to telescopic spring

The heart of our folding tent gable is the telescopic spring. Its dynamic resistance ensures a perfectly tensioned fabric roof – making your folding tent stand out even from afar. At the same time, the spring absorbs the impact of strong gusts, thus reducing the load on the folding frame. 

Corner connectors and joints: made from high-tech synthetic material

Pro-Tent manufactures its corner connectors and joints from ultra resistant synthetic materials as they are used in the aviation sectors. Exhibiting comparable strength, these parts are considerably lighter than metal connectors. At Pro-Tent, they are designed precisely to counteract the loads exerted by the aluminium profiles.

Quality should not be left to chance

Pro-Tent is a brand product. As a manufacturer, we live up to this claim. What we want is to supply you with a product that continues to function reliably and without problem even after 10-15 years of intensive use. This is why we invest in our own product development and our own production facilities, which include sewing and printing workshops. 

Durability thanks to top material quality

We always focus on the highest quality when selecting our materials. This is the only way we can ensure lasting problem-free use. As a result, our plastic connectors (high tech, aviation grade GFR material) are made from the same materials as those used in car and aircraft construction. The special aluminium alloy used in the folding frame also ensures that our folding tents are not only robust and durable, but are also lightweight and portable too.

Even greater stability for your folding tent with our accessories

In order to get the very most out of your folding tent, you can also purchase accessories to give it greater stability against the elements. There are all kinds of options available here. Our pole weights ensure extra greater stability. This also requires professional anchoring, which you can arrange easily with our anchoring set. To ensure you secure your tent correctly as well, you should also consult our guidebook on folding tent stability in wind and rain beforehand.

FAQ: frequently asked questions

The stable folding pavilions from Pro-Tent can withstand wind speeds of 70-80 km/h due to their particularly robust construction. At the same time, they are 100 % waterproof and flame retardant according to B1. This makes the exceptionally stable folding tents suitable for use in difficult weather conditions with the right accessories and fixings.

There is no general answer to this question, as the resistance varies depending on the model and accessories. In principle, the stable Pro-Tent folding pavilions with the right accessories can withstand a wind force of 8, which corresponds to approx. 70-80 km/h wind speed, if they are attached to the ground correctly. If stronger winds are expected, the folding tent should be dismantled for safety reasons.

The Pro-Tent folding tents are 100% waterproof and can therefore withstand even difficult wind and weather conditions. If frequent use in difficult weather conditions is to be expected, the appropriate accessories should definitely be included.

Quality with social responsibility

The production of our tent systems takes place in the BSZ Stiftung, a Swiss production facility for people with disabilities – certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

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