Assembly and disassembly in record time

Easy-up folding tents for fast assembly

One of the greatest strengths of professional folding tents is that they are erected in a very short time. The basic tent is in place in record time. An easy-up tent can be assembled in just a few steps: open the zipper of the transport bag, remove the bag, unfold the tent, adjust the height – that’s it! Now all accessories can be fitted – from the sidewall to the internal cabin. Dismantling is also incredibly fast, the folding tent frame is quickly collapsed and placed in the transport bag. And the whole without tools.

Step by step to the folding tent: fast assembly in detail

  1. In its transport bag* the folding tent can be brought quickly and easily to its assembly site. The bag is designed like a caddy, and its large wheels roll over uneven surfaces such as cobblestones with the minimum of jarring and noise.
  2. Now the zipper on the transport bag is opened, and the light fabric bag is simply drawn up and off. The awkward work involved in drawing the tent out of the bag no longer applies. Also, the folding tent is presented directly in an upright position needed for the assembly.
  3. With just two hands, the collapsed tent is anchored to the frame and spread apart uniformly. Thanks to its profile mechanism, it unfolds automatically. As with all our models, the roof forms an integral part of the frame, so it does not need to be fitted separately and is pulled taut automatically.
  4. The pavilion is stable when the click system has engaged fully on all poles. This involves pushing up over a short distance each corner of the roof frame.
  5. The poles are now extended one after the other and adjusted to the required height. The adjusted heights can be varied.
  6. The tent is now anchored to the ground with the provided tensioning set, which stabilizes it against the wind. This set consists of guys and pegs and may be supplemented if necessary with weight plates, professional ground anchors, and a windproofing kit.
  7. The last step involves fitting and aligning any accessories, such as sidewalls, lighting or rain gutters, etc.

* The transport bag comes as standard with the Pro Tent MODUL 4000 and Pro Tent 5000.

Toolless assembly

No tools are needed to assemble and disassemble easy-up tents by Pro-Tent. The days when tents could not be assembled because of forgotten or lost tools are now history. Also history for Pro-Tent customers are loose separate and small parts and their awkward screw and joining connections. At the same time, it is all due to the simple, ingenious profile system that Pro-Tent folding tents can be assembled with success at the very first attempt.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about our Easyup tents

Particularly simple does not necessarily mean unstable. Quite the opposite: Pro-Tent folding tents are made of a special aluminium alloy that safeguards the maximum stability. So by deciding in favour of an easy-up folding pavilion, you will not be sacrificing stability.

An easy-up tent can be assembled especially simply and quickly when there are two persons, one on each side. Yet also one person is enough to assemble our folding tents. This requires only a few additional manual operations and a little more time.

When folding tents are assembled out of doors, they should always be secured with lashing straps and pegs. The weather can change quickly – above all in the mountains this is a well known phenomenon. When a tent is blown away, it can pose a danger and be damaged. For this reason: safety first.

Thanks to the profile system, you do not need to bend your back when assembling and disassembling the folding tent. You may need to stretch up, though rarely. So assembly does not put any strain on the back.

Before disassembling a folding pavilion, always make sure that the tent fabric and tent roof are completely dry. Wet or damp fabric in the transport bag may promote mould growth. 

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