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Strong and innovative.

For more than 30 years, the Swiss brand Pro-Tent has set standards in the sector of mobile event equipment. What began with the first aluminium folding tent in Europe evolved within three decades into an innovative specialist supplier for high-quality tent and exhibition stand systems.

All this is based on the ambitious idea of the company’s founder of constructing the perfect pop-up tent. In this context, the word perfection is used in all modesty, and is the result of a lot of hard thinking, uncompromising development and consistent optimisation processes.

On this basis we are now able to provide our customers, whether start-ups, SMEs or an international corporation, with pop-up tent and exhibition stand systems for all those events and trade fairs where they want to – and need to – assert themselves on the market.

Since 2012, Beat Bär has been the proprietor of Pro-Tent AG. His credo is a promise to the Pro-Tent customers as well: “We follow a simple principle: Perfection.”

Interview with Beat Bär

When the entrepreneur Beat Bär walks through trade fair halls and sees the uniform exhibition stands that smaller companies use to present themselves, he would prefer to set up the Pro-Tent system right next to them – for comparison:

"Most exhibition stand systems leave no room for individuality. Because the low price means that the opportunity of rendering the trade fair presence a success is sacrificed completely."

From the viewpoint of the experienced business economist who took over the Swiss company Pro-Tent at the beginning of 2012, it is economically the worst case with regard to the exhibitors' interests: A system, which is immediately recognised as such due to its standardisation, is a bad investment.

"SMEs in particular, the small and medium-sized companies, are dependent on economical systems. At the same time, they need a customised exhibition stand in order to be recognised and to stand out.

I believe that Pro-Tent is the best product on the market for this. It is perfectly designed, revolutionary due to its folding frame, extremely flexible thanks to its modularity, and easy to set up and take down."

The Pro-Tent system: The ideal solution for SMEs.

Beat Bär clarifies that, after years of internal system development and optimisation, Pro-Tent wants to approach SMEs more actively: "We are positioning ourselves more clearly in this segment as a solution provider for SMEs, because the industry generally focuses on the really big exhibitors. We will change this."

We promise to offer stylish exhibition stands for lean budgets, the basis of which can be set up in less than 20 seconds.

"On our website we have several examples that show how different small exhibition stands can look. The fact that we can also realise large exhibition stands for large companies is something we have already proven."

Looking at the outdoor business: Pro-Tent is setting a benchmark.

When Beat Bär walked through the showroom of Pro-Tent AG in Rüti for the very first time, his eyes lit up: The man who has seen a lot after twenty years in the world of finance and business, reveals »It was love at first sight – so to speak.«

"From the outset, I knew that Pro-Tent is the absolute benchmark in the area of pop-up tents and has tremendous potential."

The Pro-Tent CEO comments that there were many providers on the market offering their ‘Me-too’ event tents. Most of them simply buy the tents cheaply in China and market them here. The statics, material and design options were far below the qualities offered by the Swissmodul 4000 from Pro-Tent.

What’s next, Mister Bär?

"On the home market, Pro Tent has become synonymous with high quality tent system solutions. In future, we are planning to attract greater attention to ourselves, first in Germany, and then in Europe as well. We’ll be gearing our services and our product range to this target."

One thing has already become clear: With Beat Bear at the helm, the dawn of a new era is breaking for the Swiss quality company.

Experience Pro-Tent folding tents live in our exhibition

Pro-Tent image film: a matter of the heart

The production of high-quality folding tents is much more than just our work. It is our passion - a real affair of the heart. To share a piece of this passion, we take you to the production facilities of our Pro-Tent folding tents in our new image video.

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