Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue

The rescue tent for paramedics, fire brigade, police and more

Our Pro-Tent 5000 is suitable as a rescue tent for demanding rescue operations and professional groups such as medical services, technical relief operators or fire brigade and police. This all-in-one solution combines special walls with extra-long PVC aprons with a coordinated, non-slip floor system.

The foldable PVC floor (grey) has a rainwater barrier and stainless steel positioning plates to hold the 12.5 kg weight plates included for all poles. The special walls have combined door-window openings (110 cm wide) with roll-up PVC windows, fly screens and a roll-up privacy screen. All in all, you get a particularly robust and functionally equipped rescue tent for demanding missions in emergencies and disasters.

Occasions and possible uses for Pro-Tent medical tents

Medical tent

  • Care / support for patients
  • Samaritans / first responders
  • Mobile ambulance & test station
  • Mobile operations centre

Fire brigade tent

  • First aid tent for treating injured persons after a fire
  • Operations management base
  • Storage of equipment during an operation

Medical facilities

  • Relieving the burden on emergency rooms
  • Temporary outdoor spaces
  • Triage and reception area in front of the hospital
  • Mobile supply stations

Police / border guard

  • Police force tent for large events
  • Tent for field and outdoor use
  • (Mobile) control tent at border crossings

Civil protection / disaster management

  • Coordination of operations in disaster situations
  • Mobile support tent which is quick to set up
  • Safe area to stay for affected persons


  • Meeting tent for military operations
  • Safe storage of equipment
  • Accommodation and common area

Quick to assembly
by two people

Patented Pro-Tent Omega profile
Pro-Tent 5000: 45 mm thickness, made of special aluminium alloy, very light, scratch-resistant and rustproof

Roofs and side walls
100 % waterproof, UVP 50+, flame retardant (B1), available in 14 standard colours

Pro-Tent system groove
Side walls are mounted directly into the slots to be privacy-proof and windproof, cross-connectors and other equipment elements are anchored in the slots with quick-release locks

Special walls
with extra-long PVC aprons in white, grey or black

Combined door/window openings
(110 cm wide) with sturdy zips, can be rolled up, with privacy screen and fly screen

Coordinated PVC floor system with stand support – non-slip and waterproof

Weight plates 12.5 kg, stackable up to 75 kg per leg. The set price includes one weight plate (12.5 kg) per stand. Additional weight plates can be purchased for more safety and stability.

Supplied in robust transport bags / tent frame bag with large castors

Rescue tent sizes

We supply the Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue as an all-in-one solution in the sizes stated.

Special sizes are available on request.

* incl. roof and mobile transport bag


Passage/ridge height


Pack size

(4 pillars)

2 m/3.30 m

45 kg

41 x 41 x 156 cm

(4 pillars)

2 m/3.30 m

60 kg

54 × 41 × 156 cm

(6 pillars)

2 m/3.30 m

75 kg

68 x 41 x 156 cm

(4 pillars)

2.15 m/4.04 m

50 kg

41 × 41 × 207 cm

(4 pillars)

2.15 m/4.04 m

66 kg

54 x 41 x 207 cm

(6 pillars)

2.15 m/4.04 m

82 kg

68 × 41 × 207 cm

The Pro‑Tent world of colour

Choose the suitable colour for your Pro‑Tent 5000 rescue tent with regard to tent roof and side walls from a range of 14 standard colours. The PVC aprons in the lower part of the side walls are available in white, grey and black. The right colours to suit your individual needs and requirements. Pantone data is intended for guidance only. We will gladly send you binding fabric samples so you can select your colours. Other colours available on request.

Pantone 4685 C
Sun yellow
Pantone 116 C
Pantone 021 C
Pantone 485 C
Ruby red
Pantone 201 C
Pantone 2905 C
Royal blue
Pantone 2728 C
Navy blue
Pantone 534 C
Grass green
Pantone 368 C
Emerald green
Pantone 3435 C
Silver grey
Pantone 430 C
Pantone Cool Gray 11 C

Good for our seas, good for you!

in 2023, we will start converting Pro-Tent roofs and side walls to recycled polyester fabrics. The first colours will be available from April, the other colours in our portfolio will follow in the next few months.

Our new recycled fabrics are just as robust and durable as the previous ones, but certified according to the criteria of the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The GRS ensures accurate traceability of materials and sets production standards to reduce harmful impacts on people and the environment.

Discover more

Depending on the intended use, the emergency personnel working in the tent may need the best possible neutral light. In these cases, we recommend using white fabric for the roof slopes and only making up the roof panels in the desired colour. This variant is available from Pro-Tent at no extra charge.

The rescue tent for every rescue operation

The multi-room tent system

Pro-Tent offers the only system that allows variablepartitions inside the tent. Indoor cabins can be arranged in different sizes depending on your needs and requirements. They are used, for example, as a separable treatment room, as a meeting room or as storage.

Patients' privacy rights are reliably protected from prying eyes byside walls. Thanks to our patented Omega profile with slots, the side walls are 100 percent opaque, there are no slits. Onlookers are completely blocked from seeing anything so that aid workers can concentrate on treating patients without being distracted.

Weatherproof protection on all sides

The polyester fabric of the roofs and side walls is 100% waterproof and resists all types of weather: It protects you against rain, keeps dirt, dust and smoke outside and offers effective UV protection in the sun with a UPF of 50+. The PU-coated fabric also has an insulating effect, which is an advantage if the folding tent is to be heated with infrared radiators in winter or cooled with a mobile AC system in summer. Our rescue tent comes with special walls with extra-long PVC aprons and combined door/window openings.

Exceptionally stable in every operation

The Pro-Tent rescue tent features solid Swiss premium quality in every detail. The 16-fold edged omega profile of the poles, corner connectors made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic and the coordinated scissor frame of the roof construction guarantee tent stability – even in difficult weather conditions.

Coordinated floor system provides more safety

For demanding operations, the equipment of our rescue tent includes a coordinated,non-slip and waterproof floor. The tear-resistant PVC floor has a water barrier and positioning plates which, in conjunction with the extra-long special walls and the 12.5 kg weight plates inside, form a self-contained unit. As a result, the rescue tent is stable and effectively keeps out even large amounts of water. Depending on the weather conditions, additional, optionally available 12.5 kg weight plates can be stacked quickly and easily.

Flame retardant according to B1

All fabrics meet the requirements for flame-retardant building materials of building material class B1 and are therefore suitable for use in emergency situations.

Further optional accessories

Optionally available

  • Room partitioning system
  • Lighting
  • Infrared radiant heater
  • Professional tensioning set
  • Gutters


  • Roof and side walls


  • Additional 12.5 kg weight plates (stackable up to 75 kg / leg)
  • 50 l water weights

Additional windows and doors

  • Supply and exhaust air spigots for mobile air-conditioning unit

FAQ: Frequently asked question about the Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue

The Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue is an all-in-one solution that has been tailored to the needs of the various groups of emergency forces. Our Pro-Tent 5000 with frame and roof serves as the basis. This is complemented by the special side walls and a matching PVC floor system including basic equipment with 12.5 kg weight plates. The result is a professional solution for all demanding operational situations.

In addition to the Pro-Tent 5000 folding tent system as a basis, the standard equipment includes the special walls with extra-long PVC aprons with combined door/window openings (110 cm wide), the PVC floor system as well as one weight plate (12.5 kg) including ball lock bolts per leg.

In order to ensure reliable functionality and high durability even when the tent is frequently assembled and dismantled, high material quality and professional workmanship are essential. It is particularly important to pay attention to high quality when it comes to rescue tents, as they are sometimes moved from one location to the next on a daily basis. Cheaply made folding tents and DIY store folding tents are inexpensive to buy, but usually do not meet the high requirements.

Of course, the rescue tent can also be used without the PVC floor or the extra-long side walls.

Yes, all accessories from the classic Pro-Tent 5000 series are compatible with the Pro-Tent 5000 Rescue.

As a manufacturer with our own production facilities, we are able to respond to your individual needs and requirements should you wish to adapt your rescue tent. In this case, please just contact us!

Yes, we would be happy to plan a training course with you. It is always best to do this in conjunction with a trial set-up. This ensures that your rescue tent can be set up and dismantled quickly and correctly the first time it is used.

As a manufacturer of quality folding tents, we guarantee a long-term and very fast supply of spare parts and are always happy to provide you with help and advice even after your purchase.

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