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Stable, weatherproof, custom prints possible

Simple transport, fastest assembly times, 100% wind- and weatherproof: Pro‑Tent folding tents provide professional solutions for all outdoor uses. You too can choose your favourites among our three profile thicknesses and many equipment options. Do you find an internal cabin practical, or are you planning to use your folding tent alternatively as an indoor exhibition stand? Your Pro‑Tent makes everything possible – whatever you choose!

Which folding tent is the best for your purpose?

Is maximum stability the essential factor for you or is it more important for you to have a system with low weight and package dimensions? Choose from among our three profile variants the folding tent best suited to your requirements..


  • The classic
  • Tried and tested quality for small budgets
  • Tried and tested over 50,000 times
  • Small package dimensions, low weight, easy handling

Profile design: square, Ø 30 mm

Stability: ***


Roof can remain installed when transported

MODUL 4000

  • The transformable
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Unique equipment details
  • Optional with internal cabins

Profile design: omega profile, Ø 40 mm

Stability: ****


Roof can remain installed when transported

Patented transport bag with castors


End strips (optional)

Additional poles (optional)

Cabin solutions (optional)

Solid panels made of Forex/acrylic (optional)


  • The big strong one
  • Maximum stability thanks to 45 mm wide omega profile
  • Available in large sizes
  • Optional with internal cabins

Profile design: omega profile, Ø 45 mm

Stability: *****


Roof can remain installed when transported

Patented transport bag with castors


End strips (optional)

Additional poles (optional)

Cabin solutions (optional)

The benefits of the folding tents

Set up in record time

Set up
in record time

Patented equipment details

equipment details

The original -for more than 30 years!

The original –
for more than 30 years!

B1 - flame retardant

B1 –
flame retardant

100 % waterproof

100 %

Swiss quality & precision!

quality & precision!

extremely stable - special aluminium alloy

Extremely stable – special
aluminium alloy!

5-year guarantee on tent frames!

5-year guarantee
on tent frames!

Blocks more than 98% of harmful UV A and UV B radiation

Blocks more than 98% of
harmful UV A and
UV B radiation

» Folding tent references

For every field

Each and every day, our workshops turn out folding tents, but not a single one resembles the other. Every customer is different, and therefore every Pro‑Tent product, which differs in size, fittings, and design. Seeking ideas for your new folding tent? Then browse through our references for your own ideas.

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Overview of tent sizes

Custom makes possible

Pro‑Tent folding tent systems are available in a wide range of sizes. The following overview presents the available Pro‑Tent standard and custom sizes. And if you can’t find the variant you need, then contact us – also custom makes are possible following consultation.


Pro‑Tent 2000

Pro‑Tent Modul 4000

Pro‑Tent 5000

1,5 x 1,5 m



2 x 2 m



2,4 x 2,4 m


3 x 1,5 m



3 x 2 m



3 x 3 m

4 x 2 m



4 x 4 m


4,5 x 3 m

6 x 3 m

6 x 4 m


8 x 4 m



FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions: folding tent sizes

This depends on the number of people you wish to accommodate. As a guide, we generally allow 0.5 m2 per person standing. In the case of simple seating, the figure is 0.7 m2 per person. However, you should allow up to 1.2 m2 per guest if you are planning to serve people with food and drinks at the tables.

Should the situation call for more space, because more people are attending your event than you anticipated, you can simply expand into the outside area around the folding tent, if the weather is good. If you can tell in advance that you will require additional space, you can expand your Pro Tent professional folding tent system at any time by adding additional tent modules in standard sizes.

To ensure that your tent is one-hundred percent sturdy at all times, Pro Tent offers folding pavilions with a maxim size of 8 x 4 m. This is because the larger the tent, the greater the surface upon which wind gusts are able to exert their force. At Pro Tent, tensioning sets are included with the standard equipment supplied with the product. With large tents, these are essential for ensuring safety.

Standard colours

Choose the colour you want for your tent roof and your sidewalls from the 16 offered as standard – immediate delivery ex stocks. Best conditions for a custom presence. Pantone specifications are approximate values only. We will be happy to send you binding samples of fabric colours. Other colours available on request.


Pantone 4685 C

Sun yellow
Pantone 116 C

Pantone 021 C

Pantone 485 C

Ruby red
Pantone 201 C

Pantone 215 C

Light blue
Pantone 2905 C

Royal blue
Pantone 2728 C

Navy blue
Pantone 534 C

Night blue
Pantone 2767 C

Grass green
Pantone 368 C

Emerald green
Pantone 3435 C

Silver grey
Pantone 430 C

Pantone Cool Gray 11 C


Our sustainable alternative to standard white: recycled polyester (white)

You have a soft spot for sustainability? In that case, we recommend our recycled polyester. This particularly sustainable fabric quality involves an innovative process that extracts new yarn from PET bottles and old polyester fabrics that are otherwise disposed of as waste. The recycled fabric we use is certified by TESTEX.

Folding tent modular principle

Versatile combination

Identical or different tent sizes can be freely combined using the modular system. The individual tents can be connected as a larger tent complex or even an entire tent landscape. As a prestigious promotional stand, an exhibition platform at outdoor fairs, or as impressive backdrop at events.

Stable and reliable

Stable connection brackets fix and stabilise the tents – in bad weather, rain gutters ensure that the rain runs outside the tents. They are mounted between the tent roofs and provide reliable protection against wet conditions. The special feature of the Pro‑Tent design: A downward incline that really diverts the water instead of collecting it and needlessly loading the roof profiles. 

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