Pro‑Tent MODUL 4000

The modular space miracle.

The professional folding tent system Pro Tent MODUL 4000 is based on the patented omega profile with slots. The slots serve as anchor sites for lateral connectors and the most diverse equipment elements such as shelves, swivelling brochure rack, beachflag mounting, etc. Also, additional poles can be used to create separate rooms and internal cabins. Pro Tent MODUL 4000 is unique.

Special aluminium alloy EN 6005 T66

Special aluminium alloy EN 6005 T66 – extremely lightweight, extremely stable

16-fach gekantet – jede Kantung bringt Stabilität

16 edges – each edge provides stability

Patented Pro‑Tent omega profile with system grooves

Patented Pro‑Tent omega profile with system grooves – side walls are drawn directly into the system groove and are absolutely tight (profile thickness 40 mm)

Tent sizes

Prices for individual options like sidewalls and custom prints can be requested quite easily: simply complete the online request form – without commitment. Further tent sizes can be found under the headings Pro Tent 2000 and Pro Tent 5000. Custom sizes are available on request.

Size Passage/ridge height Weight* Pack size
1,5 × 1,5 m

(4 pillars)

2 m/2,90 m 13 kg 20 × 20 × 156 cm
2 × 2 m

(4 pillars)

2 m/3,10 m 22 kg 35 × 35 × 156 cm
3 × 1,5 m

(4 pillars)

2 m/2,70 m 19 kg 35 × 27 × 156 cm
3 × 2 m

(4 pillars)

2 m/3,10 m 29 kg 47 × 35 × 156 cm
3 × 3 m

(4 pillars)

2 m/3,30 m 30 kg 35 × 35 × 156 cm
4 × 2 m

(6 pillars)

2 m/3,10 m 39 kg 59 × 35 × 156 cm
4,5 × 3 m

(4 pillars)

2 m/3,30 m 40 kg 47 × 35 × 156 cm
6 × 3 m

(6 pillars)

2 m/3,30 m 50 kg 59 × 35 × 156 cm

*incl. roof and mobile transport bag

The Pro‑Tent world of colour

Choose the colour you want for your tent roof and your sidewalls from the 16 offered as standard – immediate delivery ex stocks. Best conditions for a custom presence. Pantone specifications are approximate values only. We will be happy to send you binding samples of fabric colours. Other colours available on request.


Pantone 4685 C

Sun yellow
Pantone 116 C

Pantone 021 C

Pantone 485 C

Ruby red
Pantone 201 C

Pantone 215 C

Light blue
Pantone 2905 C

Royal blue
Pantone 2728 C

Navy blue
Pantone 534 C

Night blue
Pantone 2767 C

Grass green
Pantone 368 C

Emerald green
Pantone 3435 C

Silver grey
Pantone 430 C

Pantone Cool Gray 11 C


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Equipment details

Tent roof made of tear-resistant polyester fabric

100% waterproof, UV stabilised, thermally insulated against heat and cold, flame retardant (B1).

FAQ: frequently asked questions

The clever folding design makes it possible: Two persons can easily set up the tent in a few simple steps and without any tools. Open the zip fastener of the transport bag, remove the bag, unfold the tent, adjust the height – done!

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Use the Pro‑Tent printing service to make an eye-catching and prestigious advertising medium out of your Pro‑Tent folding tent. High-quality, long-lasting prints are created in our own Pro‑Tent print shop. Large format, photo-realistic prints are also possible.

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Swiss brand products are appreciated worldwide for good reason and enjoy an excellent reputation. With Pro‑Tent, you can rely on proven quality in every detail – with a 5-year guarantee on all Pro‑Tent tent frames.

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With the unique folding tent system, a wide variety of room configurations can be designed – for every area of application. Pro‑Tent MODUL 4000 adapts to your individual needs.

standard pillar

additional pillar


Folding tent references

For every field

Each and every day, our workshops turn out folding tents, but not a single one resembles the other. Every customer is different, and therefore every Pro‑Tent product, which differs in size, fittings, and design. Seeking ideas for your new folding tent? Then browse through our references for your own ideas.

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The desired size is not included? Our models Pro‑Tent 5000 and Pro‑Tent 2000 are available in other sizes.

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