Gastronomy & Hospitality

Folding tents for giving your guests a special experience

Treat your guests to fine cuisine in a cosy tent lounge or prepare a fine buffet under your catering tent. Pro-Tent's professional folding tents are the first choice for enthusiastic hosts who want to offer their guests unforgettable experiences.

Thanks to individual printing and different sizes, your folding tent fits perfectly into the outdoor area of your catering business. The robust aluminium frame in combination with tear-resistant, waterproof fabric ensures a safe and dry spot even in difficult weather conditions. Nevertheless, the tent is lightweight and easy to transport for mobile catering use. With the right accessories such as radiant heaters, side walls, an interior canopy or LED floodlights, you can give your tent a really stylish and cosy atmosphere. This is how you turn your folding tent into a real feel-good place for your guests. Find the right professional gastro folding tent for you now!

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