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Well advised – right from the start. In our magazine you will learn many interesting facts about the Pro-Tent company and the world of folding tents.

A Pro-Tent folding tent at a trade fair.

The folding tent frame from Pro-Tent

Well thought-out down to the smallest detail: Our folding tent frame is characterized by particularly high quality and exclusive details. This means you get a product that meets even the highest demands and is a reliable companion for all uses. Find out more about our folding tent frame now.

Smart vs. folding tent

Sometimes the most exciting moments come from the craziest ideas. At some point in our company, the question came up - more as a joke - whether it would be possible to hang a Smart from one of our folding tents. Different opinions quickly emerged about whether the tent could hold the car. With all the speculation, it became clear that we needed…

Pro-Tent CEO Beat Bär inspects the works of the BSZ Foundation.

Pro-Tent image film: a matter of the heart

The production of high-quality folding tents is much more than only our work. It’s our passion - a real affair of the heart. The goal of offering you the best possible product spurs us on to top performance every day. We would like to share our passion with you and we take you to the production facilities of our Pro-Tent folding tents in our new…

The interior of a folding tent used by the BFU as a mobile Escape Room.

Case Study: BFU

The BFU (Swiss Federal Agency for Accident Prevention) researches, advises and trains people so that fewer serious accidents occur in Switzerland - in traffic, at home, in leisure time or in sports. For training courses on a a customer's premises or in training centres , we have implemented a very special project for the BFU - a Pro-Tent folding…

An advertising stand of the company cheestrings in front of a shopping centre.

Field service promotion campaign

Direct marketing thanks to being present with a street stall at events, campaign weeks or without a specific occasion is still a great way to gain valuable attention. After all, this gives you the chance to reach your target group directly and to convince them in a face-to-face conversation. It doesn't matter whether you want to promote a new…

Two Pro-Tent employees repairing a folding tent in a workshop.

Folding tent repair

Folding tents from Pro-Tent are a real premium product, characterised by high stability and durability. This special quality does not, of course, mean that it is indestructible.

A Ravensburger event with a stage, folding tents and beer benches taking place on a public square.

Successful event planning

Events of any kind are a great challenge for the organisers. Because whether it's a small event in the form of a village festival or an open-air concert for thousands of visitors - the most diverse trades have to work together in perfect sync to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Catering equipment

Whether it's a wedding, a company party or a community festival - catering is an important part of many events. Because delicious food contributes significantly to creating a good mood among visitors and guests.

Pro-Tent perimeter advertising along the marathon course with athletes running.

Case study: Zurich Marathon

Taking you through the beautiful city of Zurich and along Lake Zurich: The Zurich Marathon offers a 42.195 kilometre sporting challenge on a course that stands out thanks to its special atmosphere. As a traditional Swiss company, we have been a long-established service partner for the organisers for quite some time - and also accompanied the Zurich…

Good for our seas, good for you!

From 2023 on, Pro-Tent will only use certified recycled polyester fabrics for producing its roofs and side walls. In an interview, Pro-Tent CEO Beat Bär explains the motives and provides facts worth knowing about.

People sitting on beer benches underneath a folding pavilion.

How to calculate the size of your folding tent

Before buying a folding tent, you are faced with an important question: How big should the tent be? There are many options to choose from, e.g. from small folding tents of 1.5 x 1.5 m (2.25 m²) to larger versions of 8 x 4 m (32 m²).

Folding tent care

By purchasing a Pro-Tent folding tent, you have acquired a genuine premium product that is particularly durable. In order to enjoy it for as long as possible, it is important that you care for your folding pavilion accordingly. This is the only way to ensure that your folding tent will work without problems every time it is used - for many years to…

A professionally tensioned folding tent being used at an event in a winter sports resort.

Securing a folding pavilion

You can only fully benefit from the special robustness of Pro-Tent folding tents if you attach your folding pavilion correctly. Correct tensioning plays just as important a role as additional securing measures with which you can ensure the required stability in windy conditions. We explain what really matters when it comes to attaching your folding…

A Pro-Tent 5000 folding tent, made from high-tech materials.

Durable folding pavilions thanks to high-tech materials

When you buy a Pro-Tent folding tent, you are buying a premium product. It is particularly important to us that you can rely on your folding pavilion for a long time and every time you use it. That is why we use particularly robust high-tech materials for producing the tent in order to ensure a high level of durability.

A folding pavilion being used by a clothing manufacturer at an outdoor trade fair.

Folding tent vs. folding pavilion: how are they really different?

If you've ever looked for a folding tent, you've probably noticed one thing: Different manufacturers use different names for the same product. Sometimes they write about folding tents, sometimes about folding pavilions. This can quickly become confusing for buyers without the appropriate background knowledge. So they ask themselves: Is there a…

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