Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require any help? This is the page where we give answers to the most frequent questions that we are asked by our customers. If you are unable to find the answer to your question here, you can also write to us. Our experts will be happy to help you.

General questions about folding tents

Yes, all Pro‑Tent folding tents are 100 percent waterproof. Our fabrics have a water column of 10 000 mm, which makes them suitable for outdoor use. However, a folding tent described by the attribute ‘water-repellent’ should not be used in the rain. You will find more information on this subject in our guide What to bear in mind when buying weather-resistant folding pavilions

Yes, all Pro‑Tent fabrics have a UV protection factor of over 98 percent and thus provide outstanding protection against ultraviolet radiation. Fabrics used in our folding tents are rated UPF50+. What this means exactly is that less than one fiftieth of ultraviolet radiation is able to penetrate Pro‑Tent fabrics.

Dark Pro‑Tent fabrics even provide as much as 99.9 percent UV protection. This means that only a thousandth of the radiation reaching the tent fabric is able to penetrate it. Additional side walls can be attached to protect against radiation from lateral directions.

Pro‑Tent supplies a range of 12 standard sizes between 1.5 x 1.5 m and 8 x 4 m an. These include classic sizes like 3 x 3 m and 4 x 4 m. But there is more - we can also supply custom dimensions upon request.

Our folding pavilions can be connected together with no problem. The process is considerably simplified by the use of our ten-kilogram ground tiles with patented automatic snap-in operation. Pro‑Tent also supplies useful accessories such as connection pieces or roof gutters. 

The number of persons that can be accommodated under a folding tent depends on the available floor space of the individual tent units and the overall area. In a standing space, the rule of thumb is that approximately 0.5 m² is needed per person. With simple row seating, 0.7 m² will be needed for each person. If you plan to serve guests seated at a table, then you should allow 1.2 m² per person.

The weight and packing dimensions of our folding tents depend on the size and type of tent you choose. We will be happy to provide you with personal assistance in this matter.

Thanks to their special materials and sturdy construction, all of our folding tents are suitable for outdoor use. You can find out more about the advantages of Pro‑Tent tents in Outdoor use.

Legal fire regulations that apply to the use of tents indoors vary from country to country and from one organiser to another. Folding tents made by Pro‑Tent have B1 certification, which means that they generally satisfy all requirements and also makes them suitable for use as exhibition tents, for example.


Questions about assembly and transport

Our aluminium tents are upright within 30 seconds. The reason for this incredibly fast time is that the fabric roof remains on the tent frame. Once the tent has been assembled, the next step is to install accessory items, such as sidewalls, weight plates, cabins, lights, etc. Depending on the accessories that your tent is equipped with, it can take several minutes following the initial installation until the tent is fully ready for use. Have a look at our video Installed in record time.

With a little practice and knowledge of the right method, smaller tents can be assembled and dismantled by one person alone. However, it is much quicker and easier when two people assemble the tent together. Two people are always needed when putting up or taking down tents of large dimensions.

Our tents are designed to be put up and dismantled without the use of tools. 

Thanks to their practical package dimensions, most folding tents made by Pro‑Tent will fit in a normal passenger car. We will be happy to personally discuss the subject of package dimensions with you and provide you with more information. A practical transport bag and very quiet castors are included with every one of our folding tents. 

Questions about the quality of our folding tents

To ensure maximum stability, only the highest quality materials are used in the production of Pro‑Tent folding tents. For example, extremely light aluminium is used for the frame, which keeps the tent’s weight to a minimum.

The sidewalls and roofs of our folding tents are made of single-side PU-coated polyester fabric. All fabrics are UV-stabilised, dimensionally stable in the event of rain, low flammability (B1), and 100 % waterproof.

The use of aluminium in folding tents has many advantages over steel. First of all, it is a much lighter material, which makes the entire construction much more lightweight. Also it does not rust. Just some of the many reasons why our folding tents enjoy such a long useful life. 

If it is well looked after and subjected to moderate use, Pro‑Tent tents can last virtually forever. Many of the first folding tent frames made by Pro‑Tent are still in use thirty years later! The service life of the fabric components (roof and sidewalls) is between 5 and 15 years, depending on use and maintenance.

Questions about the safety of our folding tents

In outdoor use, it is important to ensure that folding tents are sufficiently secured. Stackable weight plates and anchoring sets from Pro‑Tent are ideal for securing your folding tent.

Provided it is suitably anchored, a folding tent should theoretically be able to withstand wind speeds of up to force 8. If the winds are any stronger, the tent will be susceptible to damage. Whatever the conditions, the organiser of an outdoor event should always keep an eye on the weather conditions. To ensure safety, it is recommended that the tent is dismantled in good time if the conditions call for it.

Pro‑Tent folding tents are welcome companions the whole year round, even in outdoor conditions. They are built to be sufficiently sturdy to withstand wind and rain. However, for reasons of safety, the tent should be taken down under stormy conditions. 

The aspect of safety is of central importance in our product development activities. Which is why we only use materials that are fire-resistant (low flammability) and B1-certified.

Questions about sidewalls and tent roofs

With Pro‑Tent, you can choose from a wide range of sidewalls, including standard walls, walls with panoramic or arched windows, several walls fitted with a door, half-height sidewalls, etc. And of course, we also offer roofs and walls made-to-measure and in custom designs.

The sidewalls of the Pro‑Tent MODUL4000 model are inserted using a pipe-strip and slot system. This results in a perfect appearance and provides windproof privacy protection. The sidewalls of the Pro‑Tent 2000 and Pro‑Tent 3000 are attached the conventional way, using velcro strips.

Roofs and sidewalls of Pro‑Tent tents can be easily cleaned in a textile laundry. To ensure that the water-repellent polyurethane coating is not damaged, it is important that the washing temperature does not exceed 30 °C. 

We use high-grade, non-tearing 250 Denier polyester fabric as standard.

In general, the quality of the fabric has little to do with the fineness of the thread. Our 250 Denier fabric is of a high quality and its low weight makes it ideal for use in a folding tent. In addition, 250 Denier material is more elegant and attractive than the thicker alternative. However, we also offer 500 Denier material in the most common fabric colours, at no extra charge.

Questions about equipment and accessories

There is even a choice of counter solutions available for Pro‑Tent folding tents: the Orchid counter, the aluminium folding counter and the desk module. All models can be installed and removed in a few simple steps, and they are also printable, just like the sidewalls and roof.

The best publicity material is the tent itself, because both the roof and sidewalls can be printed on in any way you wish, including with your corporate design. However, a range of advertising elements such as flags, banners, etc. are also available. 

Naturally, you can also equip your folding tent for use on cold and dark autumn and winter days. Lighting and infrared heating units are available, with which you can brighten and warm up your tent.

Questions about the ordering process

All tents are available from stock. However, other delivery times apply for custom orders or printed tents. We will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail in person.

Yes, we have our own printing and sewing shops in which we can print and tailor your tent to order. It is even possible to print sidewalls and roofs over their entire area, so feel free to let your creativity flow.

Yes, we offer a spare parts service for all models.

We offer five years guarantee on the frames of our folding tents and two years on the fabric components.

If you only need a professional folding tent once or twice, Pro‑Tent pavilions are also available to hire. We will be happy to put you in touch with your nearest available partner on request.

Questions about the company

Pro‑Tent is the inventor of the aluminium folding tent frame. Our professional folding pavilions have been on the market for around 30 years.

Pro‑Tent is the inventor of the folding tent system. Thanks to our know-how and our several patents, we have many products that are unique. One example is the patented slotted omega profile. It ensures highly taut sidewalls and good tent stability. 

The MODUL4000 folding tent frame is produced in a Swiss production facility for people with an impairment. All other frames are made in Europe. 

High-quality materials and meticulous workmanship are essential when it comes to ensuring our products’ reliable functionality and long service life. And naturally, this comes at a price. However, all of our products have an appropriate price/performance ratio, and this is what matters most to us and our customers. 

Yes, Pro‑Tent is the producer, and it manufactures all of its folding pavilions itself.

Naturally you can satisfy yourself of the quality of our products live before purchasing a folding tent. Just visit one of our two display centres (at Rütli in Switzerland or Hadamar in Germany). Our staff will also be happy to demonstrate our products to you directly at your premises – anywhere in Germany or Switzerland. Thanks to this service, you will know exactly what you are getting from Pro‑Tent even before you buy – unlike with the majority of other online suppliers in this industry.

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