Folding tents made of aluminium or steel

This is how they differ

High-quality folding tents are made to be used outdoors even in difficult weather conditions. They are perfectly suited for temporary uses such as market stalls, open-air events or promotional campaigns. Accordingly, they have to be transported often and frequently assembled or disassembled.

That is why it’s important that the material of the folding tent frame is comfortable to use thanks to low weight, possesses the necessary stability and at the same time can withstand difficult weather conditions. So it's all about finding the perfect balance between maximum stability and the lowest possible weight.

Accordingly, it is important that you pay attention to the material of the folding tent frame when making the purchase decision. Aluminium or steel are often used. We explain the differences and which folding tent frame is the right one for your area of application.

The weight of the folding tent

Lightweight aluminium

Aluminium is a much lighter material than steel. With comparable stability, it weighs only about a third of steel. Accordingly, aluminium folding tents are usually more convenient to transport and handle.

Of course, it’s not only the material itself that matters. How it is processed is also relevant, e.g. the exact profile thickness, the profile shape and possible alloys.

At Pro-Tent, we rely on ideally matched profile thickness, various shapes and a resistant alloy that make our aluminium profiles maximally stable and strong. This gives the entire construction a high-grade and robust feel.

So when buying a tent, be sure to pay attention to which material is used and exactly how it is processed. If the lowest possible weight is important to you, you should definitely choose an aluminium folding tent.

Weather influences

The corrosion resistance of aluminium folding tents

Aluminium is basically corrosion-resistant and therefore perfectly suited for outdoor use, which is the actual purpose of a folding tent. In the case of Pro-Tent aluminium folding tents, an alloy (anodising) provides additional protection for the aluminium, gives the profiles a distinguished look and makes the surface scratch-resistant.

On the contrary, steel profiles are usually highly susceptible to rust. Of course, it also depends on the steel used and the specific way it is processed. However, even with a powder coating, steel folding tents cannot be nearly as resistant to the elements as an aluminium folding tent. This is because such coatings can potentially get scratched, causing the coating to flake off and thus allowing corrosion to take place.

So if you want to use your folding tent a lot outdoors – and don't want to take it down immediately in a rain shower – an aluminium folding tent is the better choice for you.

Advantages of aluminium tent frames compared to steel tent frames at a glance

It must be noted at the outset that the benefits in the following table are only intended to provide a general overview. Depending on the type of processing and profile thickness, the detailed specifications can vary from folding tent to folding tent. Accordingly, the table only provides an orientation, the concrete purchase decision should always be made depending on the precise product characteristics and the planned area of application.

Basically once can say that aluminium folding tent frames have significant advantages over steel folding tent frames. Of course, here too, attention must be paid to the specific product, but in general aluminium folding tents are the more sensible choice.


Aluminium folding tent frame

Steel folding tent frame





Very high


Profile thickness






Weather resistance

Very high






Very high


What matters when buying an aluminium folding tent

Anyone who buys an aluminium folding tent wants to purchase a high-quality and durable product. In your purchase decision, you should consider the manufacturer and rather opt for a professional manufacturer such as Pro-Tent. With us, for example, you can choose between three different folding tent series, which offer solutions optimally tailored to your needs depending on the area of use.

The focus always varies depending on the area of application. For one user, the most important thing is that the folding tent is light and practical to handle, for another user it is important that the folding tent has maximum stability and strength.

So before you buy, you always have to consider the area of application and which product features are particularly important to you. That’s why it makes sense for a folding tent manufacturer to offer different versions with different profiles. This allows you to make a choice that suits your needs and requirements.

Less stability does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage. For a single person who travels a lot to markets, for example, it is more important that the aluminium folding tent is as easy to transport as possible and that it is convenient to set up and take down. This is more likely to be the case with a folding tent with a lower profile thickness than with a version that is optimised for maximum stability.

When choosing your aluminium folding tent, it is always a compromise between stability and weight, which you must weigh up accordingly with regard to your area of use. Choosing a tent is therefore always user-related and depends on your specific needs.

In addition, the design options play a big role. Depending on the area of application, you may want to print large areas on your folding tent or expand it with suitable accessories. So when selecting the right manufacturer, make sure that such individual options as well as a diverse range of accessories are available.

Pro-Tent – the inventors of the aluminium folding tent

In 1990, Heinz Stöckler founded the Pro-Tent division within his Stoeckler Bio Agrar AG and was the first supplier ever to develop and market folding aluminium tents. In 2000, Pro-Tent AG in its current form emerged from this. As the inventor of the aluminium folding tent, we have stood for superior and exceptional Swiss premium quality for over 30 years.

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