Corona tents

Test tents, vaccination tents and Covid19 folding tents from Pro-Tent

Pro-Tent's corona folding tents are the ideal solution for hygiene concepts and pandemic response. Whether it's a rapid test tent, vaccination tent or outsourced goods receiving and distribution – complying with hygiene rules and interacting safely in the pandemic are the first priority. For this purpose, we offer Covid 19 tents with additional solutions in the form of partition walls and corridor modules, which enable you to comply with the safe distance rules and create a pathway concept.

The advantages of the Covid 19 tents by Pro-Tent

  • Observe the legal distancing rules at your company
  • Safe and mobile testing in Corona rapid test tents
  • Create mobile vaccination stations with vaccination tents
  • Steer visitor and employee streams
  • Protect your company against potential infection
  • Individual solutions tailored to your needs
  • High stability, Swiss premium quality folding tents for indoors and outdoors
  • Assembled by two persons in record time

Corona folding tent Pro-Tent MODUL 4000

Easy to transport, quick to set up and dismantle and customisable: The Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 is perfectly suited as a basic tent for all pandemic response applications. Simply select the right extensions for your individual application from our range of accessories and create your own Covid 19 folding tent.

The folding tent pictured is a 3 x 3 m Pro-Tent MODUL 4000. A total of eight different sizes are available.

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  • The mobile base for quick tests
  • The mobile base for quick tests

Covid 19 rapid test tent

The mobile base for carrying out rapid Corona tests. Be it measuring for fever, rapid testing or PCR testing: With the rapid test tent you can carry out all of these easily and hygienically. Ideally suited for airports, in front of public facilities and for the entrance area of companies, but also as a mobile test station in public spaces.

The example shown here is a MODUL 4000 type folding tent with a footprint of only 3 × 1.5 m. If necessary, also acrylic panels can be fitted for better protection.

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  • Application example of the Pro-Tent Drive-Thru Station
  • Application example of the Pro-Tent Drive-Thru Station

Drive-in test tent

The smart tent solution has already proven its great usefulness in many countries: With the drive-in test tent, contact is reduced to a necessary minimum. As a result, corona tests are carried out hygienically and smoothly, reducing possible outbreaks of Covid-19. The tent is weatherproof and can be set up by two people in just a few minutes.

The configuration shown is a 6 × 4 m PRO-TENT 5000 folding tent with a separate cabin.

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  • A waiting zone controls the flow of visitors in front of a shop.
  • Under a waiting area, a folding tent, people wait outside a shop.
  • A close-up of the folding tent frame of the waiting area.

Outdoor waiting area

Corona hygiene rules limit the maximum number of customers in shops at any one time. This results in queues outside. A folding tent offers fantastic protection against the elements so that your customers don’t have to stand in the rain. Our folding tents offer quick and simple assembly and disassembly, space-saving storage, and numerous accessories. Thanks to their slim 1.5 m wide design, our folding tents are ideal for narrow corridors or shopping streets.  

The example here shows two Pro-Tent MODULE 4000 folding tents, each measuring 3 m x 1.5 m, joined together lengthways.

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  • Application example of a Pro-Tent outdoor goods collection station
  • A close-up of the pick-up station.

Outdoor issue / pickup station

Your customers order online and pick up the goods without risk to themselves or you. Simply transfer your pickup services to the outside with your outdoor pickup station. This pickup station is user configurable. In other words, you can adapt it easily to your business needs. 

This example shows a 6 × 3 m MODUL 4000 folding tent with an issuing counter and a separate storage room with curtain.

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  • Outdoor incoming goods by Pro-Tent in action
  • A bird’s eye view of outdoor incoming goods by Pro-Tent

Outdoor incoming goods

Protect your supplier partners and employees: thanks to outdoor incoming goods, deliveries can be received under controlled conditions and in compliance with all of the required hygiene regulations. In other words, you eliminate potential infection of all involved in the delivery of goods.

Measuring only 3 × 1.5 m, this MODUL 4000 folding tent presents a compact solution. An acrylic panel can be fitted in addition for better protection.

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Catering partition wall

How you protect your guests against direct contact: the special catering partition walls are used to steer customer streams and separate rooms and seating areas. The Forex panels can bear optional prints on one or both sides. 

The partition wall can be assembled quickly in just a few manual operations. The partition wall is 154 cm in overall height and 152.5 cm wide. Also more than one partition wall can be fitted together into module-like units.

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Office partition wall

Safe, but communicative – This is our transparent partition wall for offices. These upright acrylic panels can be used easily to partition a large room into several separate offices and to steer movement along the corridors. You therefore create a safe environment for all employees, yet leave adequate room for the necessary communication and team spirit.

The partition wall can be assembled quickly in just a few manual operations. The partition wall is 154 cm in overall height and 152.5 cm wide. Also more than one partition wall can be fitted together into module-like units.

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  • Application example of the Pro-Tent modular corridor
  • The corridor module by Pro-Tent in action

Corridor module

These hygienic folding frame corridor modules help you steer physical access and movement at your company. Corridor modules are easy to assemble. You therefore contribute to the avoidance of direct contact and the realization of the hygiene concept at your company.

The corridors can be extended to any length and also permit intermediate exits. This example shows a corridor 7.5 m long and 1.5 m wide made up of two 3 × 1.5 m MODUL4000 folding frames fitted to each other.

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  • The double corridor module separates input and output
  • A double corridor module seen from above

OneWay module

The solution for crowded entrance halls and doors – The double corridor module can also handle larger employee numbers and still maintain the hygiene concept. The separate corridors steer physical access and movement in and around the building. This helps eliminate direct contact and promotes the smooth flow of your company’s everyday routines. 

The double corridor modules consist of a basic 3 × 2 m MODUL4000 folding frame to which two corridors, each 1 m wide, can be fitted. The double corridor modules can be extended to any length and also permit intermediate exits. This example shows the steering system based on a 3 × 2 m folding frame.

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  • Create new rooms with the room-in-room module
  • A bird’s eye view of the room-in-room module by Pro-Tent

Room-in-room module

Creating new rooms: our room-in-room modules make hygienic work possible in open plan offices as well. Partition the available space into smaller office units à la American cubicle, and create quickly and easily the separate offices needed so urgently. Eye contact is still possible thanks to the transparent panelling.

The example shows a 3 × 3 m MODUL 4000 folding frame. The following sizes are available: 1.5 × 1.5 m / 2 × 2 m / 3 × 2 m / 4 × 2 m / 3 × 1.5 m / 3 × 3 m / 4.5 × 3 m / 6 × 3 m

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An overview of your benefits with the COVID-19 tent solution

UV protection: Pro Tent polyester fabrics have been treated with UPF 50+ agents.

All components meet the highest quality standards – Swiss premium quality, no less.

For custom combinations. So your tent is guaranteed to meet your needs.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Corona folding tents

An unprinted tent we deliver within 24 hours following order confirmation. This also includes larger quantities. Delivery takes longer when you prefer a custom print. Depending on their fittings, indoor solutions take a little longer to deliver, at most 14 days. You are best calling before placing your order. We can then offer you exact details on delivery times.

To speed up response in times of crisis, we offer government authorities and public institutions the option of buying on account. All we need is simply a written purchase order sent by email, mail, or fax.

As a premium manufacturer of folding tents, we’ll be pleased to supply all of the world’s countries. EU nations are handled by Pro Tent GmbH, all other countries by Pro Tent AG. Please bear in mind that shipping costs and times may vary from country to country.

Our team will be pleased to assist you in assembling and securing your COVID-19 sanitation tents. In this case, you need only submit your order, and we realize your hygiene concept.

A hygiene concept is only as effective as its weakest link. After all, each and every error and each and every oversight pose a potential risk of infection. For these reasons, it is vital that your realization should be based on durable, reliable materials. This gives you the maximum freedom you need for your operations – and protects your company.

The folding tent configurations presented here are examples and have proven to be popular. Of course, you have the option of expanding them with our extensive range of accessories. You can also put together your own individual Covid 19 folding tent based on the Pro-Tent 2000, Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 or Pro-Tent 5000. Simply indicate in the contact form below that you are interested in accessories. We will be happy to help you put together the right configuration.


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