Case Study: BFU

A folding tent as a mobile Escape Room

The BFU (Swiss Federal Agency for Accident Prevention) researches, advises and trains people so that fewer serious accidents occur in Switzerland - in traffic, at home, in leisure time or in sports. For training courses on a a customer's premises or in training centres , we have implemented a very special project for the BFU - a Pro-Tent folding tent which functions as a mobile Escape Room. For this purpose, the BFU has developed various hazard scenarios that have to be solved inside the folding pavilion. With great attention to detail, we have designed the versatile Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 as a world of experience in which it is hardly apparent that you are in a tent.

Special print – special experience

Our printing expertise consists of a total of three printing methods and enables us to put every project into practice using the ideally suited method. For the BFU, we were thus able to produce photo-realistically printed side walls that provide an authentic interior impression. A special indoor blockout fabric combined with flat piping makes the side walls look as impenetrable and solid as a real wall.

Exceptional customer solutions – Pro-Tent offers them all

As soon as we heard about the idea of implementing an Escape Room that was as realistic and mobile as possible, we were thrilled. Because at Pro-Tent, every tent is different and every project focuses on individual ideas. For the BFU, we were able to fully exploit the special features of our Pro-Tent MODUL 4000, because it is the ideal tent for creating subdivisions into multiple rooms. We created an Escape Room, which was received with great enthusiasm by the training participants.

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