Smart vs. folding tent

Who will win our experiment?

Sometimes the most exciting moments come from the craziest ideas. At some point in our company, the question came up - more as a joke - whether it would be possible to hang a Smart from one of our folding tents. Different opinions quickly emerged about whether the tent could hold the car.  With all the speculation, it became clear that we needed certainty.  That's why we decided to take the risk and now we're reporting on the thrilling showdown: Smart vs. folding tent.

The contestants 

In the right corner, we have a regular Smart Fortwo.  As a small car, it weighs in in at 938 kg. To ensure a fair duel, we sent our most robust folding tent into the ring: the Pro-Tent 5000. With dimensions of 3 x 3 metres, it provides enough space to secure the car.  The folding tent itself weighs 40 kg - and when folded, it can even fit on the passenger seat of our Smart.

The setup

The most robust part of the upper folding tent frame is logically located at the corners, i.e. directly at the transition from the support leg to the roof profile. Our tensioning ropes are also attached here if the folding tent is to stand particularly securely in windy conditions. So we attached a sturdy strap to all four corners and suspended a construction made of our Omega profiles and two cross beams from it. We then lowered the Smart Fortwo onto these by forklift truck.

The duel

The day of the experiment - and a true moment of suspense. Because even though our folding tents are regularly tested for durability, such an experiment is an extraordinary challenge. In the moment when the forklift places the Smart car on the rack, everyone holds their breath - and finally breathes a sigh of relief. We finally have certainty and the experiment is a success: Our folding tent holds up easily and emerges as the victor of the duel! 

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