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A presence representative of your club at festivals and celebrations

As a member of your club or club board, you are driven by your passion and want to show this to others. Pro Tent will be pleased to assist you. Depending on the planned size of your next appearance and the available budget, Pro Tent can offer you a wide range of sizes and price categories for each of its tent models.

How can I use the folding tent?

Folding pavilions are the perfect complement to every club festival. On the one hand, Pro Tent folding tents, depending on their size, can accommodate up to three draft beer stations. On the other, folding tents are ideal for organizational purposes: smaller folding tents provide a shaded area for voucher sales at a summer festival or serve as admission tents for club celebrations. They offer volunteer helpers and club members protection for their work or temporary shelter for persons and goods during sudden rainfalls. If necessary, sidewalls can be fitted with only a few manual operations. You therefore shield patients from prying eyes in a help or medical tent.

What is the maximum size of a folding pavilion?

Our largest standard tent measures 8 x 4 m. Yet if more space is needed, several tents can be combined into a stable and safe assembly. Folding tents can be assembled with only very few manual operations, irrespectively of their size. Incidentally, for organizational and promotional purposes at municipal festivals, our club customers choose as their particular favourite our folding tent measuring 3 x 3 m. We offer 12 standard sizes in all.

How safe is a folding tent?

Pro-Tent is synonymous with safety – also in planning: we know that you organize your club festivals over the long term, and we do not want your event to sink out of sight in a sudden rainfall. Pro-Tent folding pavilions are not only windproof, but also waterproof. And our folding tents offer you the best protection against strong sunlight in summer. Yet another aspect of great relevance to the safety of your members: all roofs and sidewalls comply with the flame retardance requirements of building material class B1. Pro-Tent also offers you an additional financial safeguard: all Pro-Tent tent frames come with a five year warranty as defined under the applicable warranty provisions.

Is the acquisition of a Pro-Tent club tent worthwhile?

The acquisition of a professional folding tent is always worthwhile when you are planning to use it on a regular basis over a period of years. Our folding tents are manufactured in compliance with high quality standards, and completely in line with the acclaimed Swiss quality and precision. We employ lightweight, durable, and stable materials and have spent a lot of time in the development of our folding frame. We promise: when purchasing, you have invested in a high quality product that not only will survive the one summer, but will be a source of many years’ pleasure to you.

How can you turn your folding tent into an eyecatcher?

By fitting extension accessories to your Pro Tent folding tent, you create a more effective eyecatcher for passers-by, no matter the size of your folding tents.

  • For instance, the swivelling brochure display can be used as a customer stopper when you place it in a highly visible location filled with your fliers, membership applications, donation campaigns, and pamphlets. 
  • One of our Pro-Tent counters provides you with the ideal writing surface for new membership applications

Bearing custom prints, Pro Tent folding tents draw even more attention to themselves. Learn more in our magazine about the customizing options for your folding tent.

Our most popular club tent

Spacious and securely in place: the Pro Tent 2000 and accessories is the perfect choice. With its combination of panoramic walls, weight plates and thermal transfer printing, it is our most popular club tent.
So why not put your faith in this proven combination for your club tent too!

Pro-Tent 2000

Tent size

6 × 3 m


  • Panorama walls
  • Weight plate (15 kg)


  • Thermal foil printing
  • Roof panel

What our customers are saying

My experience has been highly encouraging, with a quick response and a solution at all times. Replacement parts are, of course, available almost immediately. This is usually not the case in this field. Systems not only designed, but also a must for professional use. At all events, I’m staying with this brand.

Hans-Gerhard Andruschek - party accessories hire

That’s how I like to buy tents! Top products, and even better advice. No matter what the problem, the best solution is generally found. I don’t believe there’s anything that cannot be done. A really excellent provider I have the pleasure to work with, even after many years.

Aglaja Ehlers, PIE five Marketing Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH


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