Herzensbäckerei: Mobile baking station with Pro-Tent folding tent

What the art of engineering is to us, the craft of baking is to the Herzensbäckerei. Handmade bread and rolls are lovingly shaped from flour, water and salt in Pegenau. The bakery has refurbished an unused Swiss army bakery for mobile outdoor use - and we were happy to contribute the matching Pro-Tent folding tent. Because Swiss premium quality simply belongs together!

The mobile baking station – perfectly complemented by a folding pavilion

The old Swiss Army baking car had not been used for 25 years. Now the Herzensbäckerei has spruced it up again for use on the farm, at markets and festivals. Thanks to several ovens and integrated baking equipment, the lovingly made baked goods are now available everywhere outdoors. The red Pro-Tent MODUL 4000 folding tent rounds off the great-looking setup.

A versatile folding tent for the Herzensbäckerei

The red folding pavilion is a real eyecatcher and, thanks to its design in Swiss national colours, always bears witness to its high-quality, local origin. As a robust outdoor solution, it provides shade for customers and offers a wide range of applications both as a sales area and as a small lounge area. Swiss bakery and Swiss folding tent – they simply go hand in hand.

What the Herzensbäckerei says about its market tent

Of course it’s a Swiss tent that belongs in front of a Swiss bakery. The quality of the Pro-Tent folding tents convinced us right from the start. We are all the happier that this cooperation has come about. With the new folding tent, our mobile bakery is ready for use at any time.

Martin Reichel-Rackette - Herzensbäckerei 

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