Market tent

Waterproof and weather-resistant market tent from Pro‑Tent.

A large proportion of our customers use our folding tents as market or sales stands at markets, fairs, fleamarkets, farmers markets or craft fairs. Pro‑Tent has for many years been a trusted partner for professional market stands. When stands are assembled and dismantled on a daily basis, high material quality is of great importance. In the following, we tell you more about why so many market traders particularly appreciate our products.

Ideal package dimensions for a sales tent

The right folding tent has ideal package dimensions that makes it easy to transport from one place to another - unlike heavy wooden stands, for example. This is why we have designed our fold-up pavilions to take up a minimum of space in your car boot. Their minimal packaged dimensions mean you still have space for other items in the car. This means that a professional folding tent can benefit your potential sales. In addition, thanks to the convenient transport bag and large, smooth wheels, you can transport your market pavilion quickly and simply to any location. The wheels maintain their quiet and fluid motion even on uneven surfaces. 

Fast assembly without tools

On long market days, sellers benefit from short assembly and dismantling times. Thanks to the smartly conceived fold construction, it takes less than 60 seconds for two people to put up the tent. No additional tools are needed. And tents from Pro‑Tent do not need any of those small parts that easily get lost. 

Long service life thanks to high-quality, waterproof materials

A folding tent that is in use day in and day out must be able to withstand such treatment and still look good even after many years of use. The excellent quality of the materials, used by Pro‑Tent guarantees a long service life, even with frequent assembly and disassembly. At the same time waterproof fabric walls and roofs ensure they can even be used in heavy rain.

The right appearance for your market stall

Thanks to the extensive range of accessories available from Pro‑Tent, you are equipped for all eventualities. An awning protects waiting customers, while an interior display board or external counter board serves as a useful display surface outside the tent; heating and lighting systems provide welcome warmth and illumination on cold days. And what is more, with the aid of the modular tent system, you can also regulate the size of the crowd around your stand. The use of side walls signalises to customers what side they are served from, creating fair waiting times. Once you have the right equipment in place, you can concentrate fully on your customers. 

Custom print for maximum recognition

Since high-quality tents deserve a high-quality appearance, we give your tent an individual print finish in our own printing shop. All prints feature brilliant colours and perfect printing results. A tent with an individual design means you are readily identifiable, so that customers can find your stand quickly at busy markets.

The right size for every occasion

Folding tents from Pro‑Tent are available in 12 different standard sizes, for example 3x3 or 6x3 metres. Choose a small format to save money at markets with a high stand fee. Or select a large size if you wish to access an open car boot from beneath the roof of the tent and unload at your own pace and in a protected location. We will be happy to help you choose the right pavilion for your needs, and we are also available to discuss custom sizes.

Market tent highlights

Convenient transport concept

Thanks to the large rollers of the transport bag, getting from the vehicle to the stand becomes an easy stroll. A sophisticated equipment detail that pays off particularly for a market tent with daily changing locations.

Set up in record time

From the very first use, the tent roof can remain on the frame of the market tent. This makes the set-up even simpler: Open the zip fastener of the transport bag, remove the bag, unfold the market tent, adjust the telescopic support leg height – done! Then all accessory elements can be fitted – from the side wall to the counter board.

Absolutely rainproof and wind-resistant

The fabric roofs and fabric walls of the market tents are made of tear-resistant polyester fabric with lotus effect – water simply runs off. All seams are additionally sealed and thus 100% waterproof – even in continuous rain. Strong wind? Not a problem for a professional market tent from Pro‑Tent. The telescopic spring integrated in the gable absorbs the force of strong gusts of wind, thus reducing the load on the folding frame.