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BMW Charity Rowing Event: Pro-Tent folding tents at outdoor events

Pro-Tent folding tents are ideal for events of all kinds. Igor Obu, former professional mountain bike rider and world record holder with his jump of 42.11 m from the Olympic ski jump in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, also knows this. Today, the ex-athlete runs an event agency in Munich under the name OBU live marketing - and only recently used the tried and tested Pro-Tent folding tents once again for a BMW charity rowing event.

Everyone in the same boat – BMW charity rowing event

The OBU live marketing event agency organised a charity event on Frankfurt's Opernplatz for the BMW Frankfurt branch and the Frankfurt Rowing Society Germania in aid of the Kinderhilfestiftung e. V.'s "Psychologische Soforthilfe Frankfurt” (children’s aid foundation). Well-known personalities from sport, business, politics and society competed on over 30 rowing ergometers to raise funds. Passers-by were also encouraged to do kilometres for the good cause on the rowing ergometers. A total of more than 19,000 euros was raised.

Pro-Tent folding tents provide secure roofing for outdoor events

As is often the case with outdoor events, it is important to have a contingency plan for bad weather. In addition, it is particularly important for fundraising campaigns to stage the entire event in an eye-catching way. The event agency OBU live marketing managed to achieve both by using several Pro-Tent folding tents. On the one hand, the rowing ergometers were always well protected from the sun and rain - and at the same time, several interconnected folding tents provided an attention-grabbing area that caught the eye from afar and thus attracted passers-by.


Igor Obu from Obu live marketing on his experiences with Pro-Tent folding tents in the event industry

How did you hear about Pro-Tent as a folding tent manufacturer?

That was through a long acquaintance with Elisabeth Deindörfer. I saw the products for the first time at the BOE (Best of Events) trade fair and also met Kai Schaaf in person there after many years. However, as we had been working happily with another manufacturer for many years at the time and had a large number of tents in stock, there was really no reason to change.

What convinced you to buy from Pro-Tent?

In the end, we decided to buy two 4 x 4 m folding tents on a trial basis - and discovered that the quality was far better than that of the manufacturer we were using at the time.

What are the benefits of the better quality in your opinion?

The Pro-Tent folding tents are very high quality. The workmanship of the seams is excellent, the bags are super padded and simply pleasant to handle. The system just seems to be well thought out. The price matches the quality and the delivery times have always been met. So everything is top so far.

Which Pro-Tent folding tents and accessories do you use at events?

We have two Pro-Tent 5000s in 4 x 4 m and six other folding tents from another Pro-Tent series in 3 x 3 m. We also use tent weights, which are great for adding weight to the folding tent. We also have tent connectors.

Would you recommend Pro-Tent folding tents to others and do you continue to use them?

Yes, the product can certainly be recommended. I see it mainly in the professional sector such as trade fairs, exhibitions or festivals, where the best quality and appearance play a greater role than in your private garden. We continue to use the folding tents at all events and will purchase all future products from Pro-Tent.

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Igor Obu
CEO Obu live marketing

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