The new Pro-Tent folding tent configurator

Create your dream folding tent in just a few steps

Pro-Tent does not only offer first class products. We also set standards in customer service and order processing every day. With our innovative Pro-Tent 3D Configurator, we now offer an application that makes it easier than ever to design your folding tent.

In just a few steps you can configure your tent exactly the way you want it. You can choose from all the folding tent series, sizes and colours. You also have access to our extensive range of accessories. This allows you to fully equip and visualise your folding tent – and then request a personalised quote. It couldn't be easier!

"With the 3D configurator, we have reached a milestone in digitalisation that will revolutionise the service and ordering process. The ability to design a folding tent in three dimensions opens up a whole new world for our customers. In this way, we will be able to fulfil the wishes of our customers even better and to optimise the entire ordering process."
Beat Bär, CEO Pro-Tent AG

Key features of the 3D configurator

The configurator makes it as easy as possible to customise your folding tent. It's full of features. In total, you only have to go through five simple steps to create the folding tent you want:

  1. Frame: Choose folding tent series, size and colour.
  2. Side walls/optional poles: Customise your folding tent with different side walls.
  3. Flag/Beachflags: Attract attention with your flag system.
  4. Securing your tent: Secure your folding tent with weight plates, professional tensioning set and more.
  5. Additional accessories: Explore our most popular accessories.

With the exception of custom printing, all configurations can be viewed directly in the application. This allows you to get an idea of what your folding tent will look like in advance. To get an even better impression, the mobile version allows you to place and move your pavilion in your space using Augmented Reality (AR).

At the end of the configuration process, you will receive a precise parts list for each part of your order – and you can request a personalised quote straight away. Can't decide on a configuration just yet? Then save your design and come back to it later.

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